Inspired by the 1920s

Lately, I’ve really been inspired by the 1920s. Particularly the fashion and the music of that era. So when I spotted this gorgeous black and pink floral velvet jacket, I just couldn’t resist it. Not only did it remind me of the fabulous Miss Fisher (I could totally see her wearing it), but it was also in the sale for next to nothing. I think I paid about 10 euros for it! I mentioned it on Instagram the next day:

Although I bought it from Stradivarius a couple of months ago, I hadn’t actually wore it until last weekend when hubby and I decided to go out for a romantic dinner a deux. We ended up going to his favourite Indian Restaurant (Pashmina) in Praia da Luz. It was my idea and I’m glad we did. I had the most delicious prawn pathia (I think that was what it was called) and he had a yummy spicy chicken villi villu (again, I’m probably spelling that wrong lol). I’m already looking forward to returning.

But back to my outfit. Not only am I really inspired by the 1920s, I’m also a huge fan of black. Possibly due to my being a bit of a goth in my younger years. I still love to wear it now. I just think it’s flattering on me. On lots of women, really.

I’d also like to mention my lipstick – which I don’t often do. I was gifted some products from Montague-Ebbs an Independent Consultant with Arbonne recently and I’m in the process of trying them out in return for an honest review on the blog. This was the first time I wore the lipstick and I must say, wow, it’s fabulous. Not only is the colour perfect for me (Camelia), but the texture is spot on. It also lasted pretty much all evening. I’m super impressed so far. Stay tuned for a full blog post soon 🙂

Inspired by the 1920s

So this was the perfect outfit for me: black skinny Levi jeans, a simple black blouse from Primark and these gorgeous black heels that I just adore. I bought them from Clarks a couple of years ago. All paired with the velvet jacket which has the most divine pink floral pattern on it, as well as my gold clutch from Massimo Dutti – another favourite which does get a lot of use.

Inspired by the 1920s

As for my jewellery, I went for black and gold. The lovely gold and black earrings and gold circular ring were gifts from my mother-in-law,  I inherited the watch from my late step-mother-in-law (which, incidentally, didn’t have a battery but I wanted to wear it so, well, who cares, right?!). The necklace is one that I’ve had for many years, but I don’t wear so often. I don’t know why because it’s gorgeous!

1920s Miss Fisher

I mentioned Miss Fisher earlier, and the fact that she’d look fab in this jacket. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, well Miss Fisher is a character on an Australian TV series I watch (and love!). Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is set in 1920s Melbourne and it’s a tongue-in-cheek crime drama. I love the humour, the costumes, Miss Fisher’s fabulous wit and her general character. She’s strong and very independent – sexually as well as generally speaking! It’s just a fun series to watch. You can find it on Netflix if you’re interested. I took a screen shot of her the last time I watched it and shared it on Instagram:


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  • Absolutely great jacket, what a find! And the lipstick is perfect with the jacket and your colouring.

  • Stunning Suzy! How did you not buy it the first time? This was made for you xx Have a great week

    • I know, Laurie! I was a bit stupid lol!
      Thanks for the lovely comment. Have a great week too.
      Suzy xxx

  • Gorgeous jacket! It really looks great on you.

    Gemma x

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    You know I adore florals and the deep lack background of this one makes it even more stunning! Of course the lady wearing it is most stunning of all!!

    • Awwww shucks…. thanks Gorgeous Andrea!
      Suzy xx

  • Suzy, I love British Mysteries-crime dramas ( Midsommer Murders, Miss Fisher etc) and I know where you are coming from with the music. I graduated with a jazz guitar dgree and I love the 20s, swing music etc.. LOve your hairstyle, this blazer was an amazing find! great print and I love all of the details of your beautiful jewelry!
    Have a great week!
    jess xx

    • Jess, we’ve found yet something else we have in common!! It’s a shame we don’t live closer – I think we’d be good pals, hanging out and watching TV together lol!
      Thanks for the lovely comments.
      Suzy xx

  • Anna Marcus

    Lovely jacket, love the floral print on the black background, Suzy, great find, luckily it was not sold after you saw it for the first time. The necklace is amazing, pity you don’t wear it much

    • Thanks so much Anna! I know, I was so silly not to buy it the first time I saw it. I won’t make that mistake again lol!
      Hope you’re having a great week!
      Suzy xx

  • ADA

    That floral silk blazer is so beautiful Suzy. You styled it so chic with all black. I also love your retro sort of bob – so cute!

    I run a style linkup every Thursday. I’d love for you to stop by tomorrow and linkup with me and share your beautiful style with my readers too. Thanks and Happy Easter!

    Ada =)

    • Thank you so much Ada! I really appreciate that.
      I shall pop over straight away. Thanks!
      Suzy xx

  • That jacket is so beautiful…and what a bargain! I love your jewellery too. Stunning photos!

    Emma xxx

    • Thank you so much Emma! I hope you’re having a great week!
      Suzy xx

  • Alexa-asimplelife

    Indeed a beautiful stylish jacket and so very Miss Fisher:)
    The style so suits you… Great photos too 🙂

    • Thank you so much Alexa! I wish it was cool enough to wear at the moment though lol!
      Suzy x