Denim jacket, black trousers and animal print9

I LOVE wearing animal print. I’m not talking all over animal print, mind you. No, that would be breaking all the style rules, right? Well, two fingers to style rules. Who needs ’em anyway? But I’m digressing, I like to add just a hint of it here and there. Like here, I decided to wear my Massimo Dutti leopard print moccasins and because it was a bit chilly (in mid-May, it’s insane!), I also added an animal print scarf for the heck of it. I just happen to love this scarf. It was only a cheap one from Primark but it’s gorgeous and soft and just puuuurfect (see what I did there?).

Denim jacket, black trousers and animal print11
But back to animal print. I was going to make this post about how to wear animal print after 40, but wait a minute. Who says what we should or shouldn’t be wearing, anyway? So maybe I shouldn’t spoil the fun. If you want to wear animal print from head to toe then that’s your prerogative! Who am I to judge?

Denim jacket, black trousers and animal print10

Having said that, if I did see you in the street wearing all over animal print from head to toe, I probably will judge… just a little bit. Heck, we all do it! But secretly, I’ll be going, ‘You go girl!’.

Denim jacket, black trousers and animal print7

But seriously though, if you do want to add some animal print to your wardrobe but don’t want to end up looking like Bette Lynch (showing my age now), then read on:

  1. Avoid head to toe animal print.
  2. Just add hints, like a handbag or a blouse. Even a smart pair of animal print trousers. Well, why not?
  3. Avoid mish-mashing too many animal prints in one outfit (some people can get away with it but they’re usually six foot tall and look like Giselle)
  4. One really gorgeous accessory in animal print really sets off a plain back dress – heels / handbag / scarf (but avoid wearing them all at once)
  5. Avoid animal print AND anything too sparkly in one outfit, unless you’re 13.
  6. A sexy animal print dress can really knock em dead (and I mean that in a good way), but only if you keep the accessories as simple as possible.
  7. A classic trench coat in an animal print can look absolutely amazing, but make sure the garments underneath don’t clash (in other words, nothing too loud).
  8. Avoid showing too much skin at the same time as wearing animal print, unless you want to attract the wrong sort of attention.
  9. One of the coolest ways to wear animal print is to pair it with denim. No reason, it’s just looks good 😉
  10. And lastly, wear what makes YOU feel good. That’s all that really matters. I broke the so-called rules in this post anyway – wearing two different patterns on shoes and scarf but I don’t care! Having said that, I had some issues with the photography (and focus) and most of the photos don’t actually show the full outfit lol! You could say I was cheating, but I did leave the house like this 😉 Here’s proof I was actually wearing them…!Denim jacket, black trousers and animal print

    If you’re wondering about the long sleeved t-shirt, I bought it from Promod because 1975 was such a good year for me (yes it was when I was born).
    So how about you? How do you like incorporating animal print into your wardrobe? Go on, be honest! 🙂

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