Apricot Khaki twist dress

SPONSORED POST 2Finding new websites that cater to style-conscious women is always fun, so when I heard about Apricot, I immediately headed over to their site to check it out for myself. It’s absolutely full of hot new trends that are affordable to everyone.

I particularly love that their collections are aimed at both mothers and daughters – what a wonderful idea, right? Also, the company aspires to deliver what every woman’s wardrobe needs… from well produced staples, through to limited edition and trend-led fashion pieces. Perfect for every woman, in my opinion.

Blogger opportunities

As a blogger, I am often approached by brands keen to collaborate with me (or sometimes I approach them). There’s also a number of ‘agencies’ to which I’m signed up to. This was how I found Apricot. They were looking for bloggers to spread the news about their Spring / Summer collection. I signed up and waited for confirmation.

My mistake 🙁

Apricot Khaki twist dress 9Unfortunately, due to a cock-up at my end (I neglected to make a note about ordering something and then completely forgot to do it!), which was then followed by a problem with the courier (who sent my package back to the UK when they, oddly, couldn’t find my address). I finally received this stunning khaki dress in August.

I had fully intended to wear it for a special night out with friends on Sunday and photograph it then, but you never guess what? We had a power cut that lasted the entire afternoon and I was unable to iron it and therefore couldn’t wear it out! Grrrr. And you can probably see that I’m not the best at ironing at the best of times.

Apricot khaki dress

Finally, on the 1st September several months after the initial contact, I am able to show you what a beautiful dress it really is. Huge apologies to Apricot (who are now selling their beautiful Autumn / Winter collection) for such a crazy runaround! 

With a very unique twist, I love that this dress has a Greek feel to it. I imagined wearing it with gold, as soon as I spotted it. It’s quite a heavy fabric, which goes to show what lovely quality it is. And the feel is so soft and luxurious. I’d actually consider wearing it in the cooler months with a long sleeved top underneath or a thick cardigan? I think that might also look interesting, don’t you think? With a pair of boots?

As someone with a very slight case of OCD (things have to be lined up and/or symmetrical), I thought this dress might help me overcome that lol. As you can see, it’s totally asymmetric – not only having different straps (one is completely twisted), but also has draping down one side and not the other. And you know what? I absolutely love that about this dress!

Signature prints

Apricot has become well known for signature prints so I’d highly recommend you check them out if you love your prints! Hearts, butterflies, dragons, checks, flowers, hummingbirds – there’s a print to suit everyone at Apricot! I just had to add this blue skirt to the mix (above) simply because of it’s gorgeousness 😉

Apricot online & elsewhere

Based in Central London, Apricot has a number of standalone stores as well as 500+ concession locations across the UK, Ireland and further afield. Their UK “host” stores include high street retailers New Look, Debenhams, Beales & House of Fraser, as well as several independent department stores.

Excellent service

I should also mention the customer services department – what a pleasure to deal with! Even after all the messing about, they were absolutely brilliant with me. Apricot has most definitely found itself a brand new fan in me and I will most certainly be buying from them in the future. For more information, visit www.apricotonline.co.uk


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    Oh Suzy, wow what it took to get that lovely dress in your hands, but oh worth the wait!! It is divine and you do look like a Greek Goddess!!!

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