Bathroom renovation

Last year we finally got round to renovating our en-suite bathroom. Bathroom renovation is something Michael specialises in (it’s his main line of business) so we knew we had to do something special. After all, our own house is the perfect show home for potential new clients! We are absolutely delighted with the result – it’s such a calm and peaceful place that I have even been known to go and lie down in there for my post-yoga *savasana (I kid you not 😉 )

Bathroom Renovation

Sand-effect tiles

The first thing we chose for the bathroom were these beautiful off-white sand-effect tiles (they give the effect of fingers having brushed through sand). We opted for the back wall to be completely covered with them, which we highlighted with a few well-positioned spotlights from above.

Bathroom Renovation

Free-standing bath

We also knew we wanted a modern, free-standing bath. Michael loves it. I think it’s a bit too big (for me anyway!). I could do with one of those bath pillows just to keep me from slipping backwards into the water lol. But on a more serious note, I do love it too. It’s almost like a beautiful sculpture, right?

Sink unit

The sink is pretty cool too but it’s the sink unit that I’m most impressed with, because Michael made it himself. He’s such a talented created soul! Isn’t it beautiful? Don’t look at the junk in the ‘drawers’ though lol. I’m currently having a bureau ‘renovated’ for our bedroom in which all that junk will soon find itself! But more on that in another post.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

The shower

Our shower is another aspect of the bathroom which is impressive (if I don’t say so myself!). It’s a large walk-in shower with a fabulous rain-shower head above. It’s also big enough for two to shower in at the same time 😉 We chose simple subway tiles for the back and the two walls either side are tiled in the same large tile that can be found in the rest of the bathroom. For the floor of the shower, we opted for a neutral mosaic. We would’ve liked the subway tile on the floor too but it was just too slippery, unfortunately.

Traditional taps

For the taps, we wanted to add a little something more traditional so we went for these throughout. I absolutely love them and think they’re perfect for the room. What do you think? I love that there’s a separate tap for hot and cold, unlike many taps these days that just use one for both.

Bathroom renovation – creating ambience with lighting

I think lighting in a bathroom renovation is super important, so we chose a number of spots in the false ceiling. It gives such a relaxing light, if that makes sense? But my favourite light is this pretty little hanging light that gives very little light – perfect for when we need to pop to the loo in the middle of the night. It’s not enough light to wake you up properly lol!

Bathroom Renovation

All in all, we absolutely love the new bathroom renovation. Originally, we had intended to go for something we called ‘elegant industrial’ but by the time we’d chosen everything, it was more of a zen spa-like feel! It’s probably our favourite room in the house now 😉

Oh, and here’s a couple of pictures of the bathroom before. We actually moved the doorway so we could steal some space from our fitted wardrobe. I know, shock horror right? But don’t worry, we bought a large free standing wardrobe for me to use instead lol!


* Savasana – also known as corpse pose, where one lies down and relaxes their entire body following yoga practice. It’s usually practised after the physical aspect of yoga and before pranayama (breathing techniques).


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6 thoughts on “Bathroom renovation: creating a spa-like feel in our en-suite

  1. Monika Faulkner

    Your “spa” space is definitely worth a blog post unto itself, dearest Suzy…so glad you decided to feature it!! My hubby and I won’t be in the market for a bathroom upgrade anytime soon – we moved to a brand new condo a year and a half ago, so nothing needs doing for now! – but if I could choose all my finishes and features from scratch, I’d go with something very similar to yours. The textural tile on your feature wall is STUNNING; and I LOVE the sink, that amazing free-standing tub, and the old-school taps that you chose, as well!! Even the little pendant light is right up my alley. I can totally understand why you’d want to hang out here as much as possible…I would, too!! 😉

    1. Suzy Turner
    1. Suzy Turner
  2. Living on Cloud Nine

    Suzy, I was so excited to see this! We do have some great minds my dear friend! You created a calming oasis with your renovation. I have no doubt your new home will be brilliant. Don’t forget to create my guest room, 😉 Love ya!

    1. Suzy Turner

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