You might be surprised to learn that in these pictures I was dressed almost entirely by my lovely mother-in-law Jackie. This is the outfit she bought me for Christmas and I’ve only just got round to wearing it! The black leather skirt was actually made to measure for me. Nice huh? And the red, black and white biker-style top as well as the gorgeous handbag were also Christmas and birthday gifts from Jackie.

Black leather skirt

Black leather skirt

Jackie has been having her clothes made for a while now and she loves having items exactly to her taste. Last year she had a few long leather skirts made and she loved them so much that she decided I should have one too. So she opted for a shorter one to show off my legs (I usually shy away from showing my legs lol). I have to say, considering the skirt was made purely off measurements we sent to her, Jackie’s seamstress did a great job! It fits perfectly. I’m sure you’ll be seeing it frequently on the blog from now on!

Black leather skirt

Gorgeous handbag

I’m totally in love with the handbag. Isn’t it simply beautiful? Very unique and a little bit quirky, I can imagine dressing it both up and down. And the top will look great with jeans and biker boots, don’t you think?

Black leather skirt

I’m very fortunate to have such a generous mother-in-law. You’ve probably noticed over the past year or so, that I often wear things she has kindly given to me. For example, when we came back to Portugal in January, I had about five of her handbags in my luggage lol! I shall look forward to showing them to you in future posts 😀

Black leather skirt


Not Dressed as Lamb


  • Your mother in law has great taste! Great outfit! How lovely to have a leather skirt made to measure.

    • Thanks Gail! I’m fortunate to have her 😀

  • Elizabeth Seckman

    I love that purse! What fun!

  • This has a bit of a mod theme to it. The mother in law has good taste! Love the bag too x

    • It does, you’re right Laurie! Thanks for stopping by sweetie!
      Suzy xx