I’d been wanting to buy one of these for ages but hadn’t found one that I loved. Until, that is, I walked into one of my favourite stores, Massimo Dutti, and finally found the perfect bodywarmer. It also just happened to be reduced from €60 to €50 at the time! Clearly it was meant to be.


I do have another body warmer in my wardrobe; a grey one that I bought from Fat Face a few years ago. I love it but it’s quite big, bulky and is rather heavy. This, on the other hand, is super lightweight and thin enough not to get in the way. Not only that, but it offers just the right amount of warmth – perfect for the Algarve at the moment when a full-on winter coat is just a tad too much.


I bought this bodywarmer whilst in Lisbon last weekend (you’ll no doubt remember my post about my husband’s proposal!!!) and I wore it whilst there. It was perfect, especially for shopping when it can sometimes get a little warm inside the shopping centres.

On this occasion though, we had also just returned from a little shopping trip to our local centre (Aqua) for a few Christmas bits and pieces. I wore a sparkly long-sleeved blue tee (I wore it before here) and a denim jacket underneath my new blue bodywarmer along with my black leggings and trusty Timberland boots (I’ve had them for years and I still LOVE them. They’re the perfect tan colour to go with so many things and they’re super comfy too).


Off day

Excuse the way I’m looking in this post – clearly I was having an off day 🙁 My hair is in that awful in-between, growing-out stage when it’s difficult to do anything with it. I have wondered about going for a cut but I did that the last time I was growing it out and regretted it immediately afterwards. I must persevere! Plus, I’ll be wearing lots of winter hats from next week when I head to colder climes lol 😉


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