Something that has always intrigued me, is how some people manage to look so awake and well rested – not to mention line-free first thing in the morning. I, on the other hand, always seem to wake up with my hair looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, and with deep lines covering my face. But I think I’ve just discovered their secret: sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Have you tried sleeping on silk? If not, read on… Read more »

Yves Rocher concentrated shower gel

For the past few years, hubby and I have become much more into organic / bio products – not just food but also beauty products that we use on our skin. So I was delighted to be sent the Yves Rocher concentrated shower gel to try out. Here’s what Yves Rocher say about their concentrated shower gel: Thanks to its innovative and sensorial formula, one dose is enough for a shower. The 100ml concentrated shower gel gives you the same number… Read more »


I received this complimentary selection of Arbonne products from Rachel Montague-Ebbs at Arbonne in return for an honest, non-biased review on the blog… Health issues For at least the past five years or so, hubby and I have become more and more obsessed interested in a healthy lifestyle. It all started with my own health problems. I’d suffered with stomach and lower back issues for years and, having reached my mid-thirties, enough was enough. We finally decided to do something about… Read more »

My beauty routine

I’ve never been the sort of woman who spends vast amounts of money on beauty products. The most I ever spent was about £70 or £80 on some Clinique products that proved to be a disaster. My face came out in blotches and spots 🙁 . These days, my beauty routine consists of a few Olay products that I absolutely love. I was first introduced to Olay as a youngster. I remember my best friend’s mum used to use it and I… Read more »

What do you think of my new pixie haircut? It had been almost two months since my last haircut and I was certainly ready to go for the chop! This time I decided to keep a little more length at the front but go super short at the sides and back. I’m thrilled with the result – not only is it incredibly easy to style, but I think it’s quite flattering too. It shows off my cheekbones nicely 😉 Please excuse… Read more »

A little while ago, I told you all about the brilliant Pro Nails Manicure – a gel manicure that keeps your nails healthy and strong. As promised, here’s an update about how easy it is to remove. I had my second manicure about two and a half weeks ago. My first lasted almost a month, as I was on holiday at the time, so I was able to be a bit more careful (less cleaning, etc). This time however, being back at… Read more »

I don’t usually get my nails done, in fact up until last week, I’d only ever had them done professionally twice. Once when I got married, and then again two years ago as a gift from my mother-in-law. On the last occasion, I had a gel manicure and loved the way it lasted – hated the way it ruined my nails. So when I heard about a new, long-lasting manicure that protects your nails, I really wanted to try it… Read more »

I popped to Aqua today (that’s our local shopping centre) to get a special shampoo for white hair. I hadn’t really thought about using a specialised product like this before because the majority of my hair is brunette. However, after posting this photo on Instagram the other day… …someone commented that a product specifically for white hair might just make that silvery white streak at the front pop even more. Naturally, I decided to give it a try it. I’ve literally just washed my… Read more »