Hypnotherapy Algarve

Have you ever thought about having hypnotherapy but dismissed it because of some silly pre-conceived notion about being hypnotised with a pocket watch? Well, I can assure you it’s really nothing like that… not at all! I’d like to introduce you to someone who does the real thing – uses hypnotherapy to truly help people. Pedro Frias has been a friend of mine for the past five years, but it’s only within the past year or so that he’s finally found… Read more »

Kikki K at John Lewis

Personal development and self improvement have always been something that are really important to me. Improving myself is something I strive to do – to make myself a better person (in and out) and to always have something to aim for. I’m also a huge fan of pretty stationery so imagine my delight at the prospect of the two combined together. This is exactly what Kikki K, a gorgeous new line of products at John Lewis, has created. Here’s what Kikki K… Read more »

As you read this, I’ll probably be in downward dog, savasana or even crow pose… yes, I’m off to do some serious yoga! Not just any yoga, mind you. I’m off on a month-long yoga teacher training course. As it’s such an intensive course, there’ll be no time to do any work on my computer – so no blogging, no writing books, no social networking. Actually, I will have my phone with me so I might post the occasional snippet… Read more »

“Writers, we know that you are the true backbone of the industry and we love you for it,” said Charlize Theron at the Oscars this week. This line alone made me cry. I’m a writer and an emotional wreck at times (clearly today more so than usual) but this is the kind of thing that I need to hear every now and again. Without writers, there would be no stories, there would be no books, no movies. Can you imagine that? I’d really… Read more »

A few days after Christmas we headed up to Lincoln so I could have my first tattoo at 40. Earlier in the year, I’d done a tonne of research online to find the best tattoo artist in the areas I’d be holidaying within the UK. Alex Stark at The Tattooed Arms stood out to me so I emailed him. He was fully booked for months, however (as if it was meant to be) he had one date available and it just happened… Read more »

For the past couple of months I’ve been spending most of my time on my back… no, not because of that (wink wink)! Issues with my back have plagued me for years and I’ve seen various doctors and chiropractors but the underlying problem was never diagnosed until a recent visit to another chiropractor who knew immediately what was wrong – a sacroiliac sprain. Little did I know that, during the months before my diagnosis, I was making it worse with… Read more »

I thought today I might tell you little bit more about myself, considering I’ve started afresh with a brand new website (having left all of my old stuff back with weebly and blogger!). I’ve lived in Portugal for almost 30 years. Originally from England, I left Ol’ Blighty behind when I was ten years old. Not alone, of course,  my family came too 😉 . I had such an unusual start to my teens considering I had been brought up… Read more »