Bathroom renovation

Last year we finally got round to renovating our en-suite bathroom. Bathroom renovation is something Michael specialises in (it’s his main line of business) so we knew we had to do something special. After all, our own house is the perfect show home for potential new clients! We are absolutely delighted with the result – it’s such a calm and peaceful place that I have even been known to go and lie down in there for my post-yoga *savasana (I kid… Read more »

While wandering the streets of Lisbon earlier this week, we spotted a sign that read, ‘The Sexiest WC on Earth’. We couldn’t possibly walk by without investigating, so we paid the 1 euro entrance fee and went to spend a penny (I guess that should’ve read went to spend a euro). The attendant on duty (basically she tended to the shop, because naturally there would be a shop, right?), told us we could choose whatever colour toilet paper we so… Read more »

This is now one of my favourite distressed items of furniture in our house. Last week, we transformed it from a simple trunk to a distressed coffee table and I think it looks absolutely fabulous. I’ve always wanted to use a trunk as a coffee table because I love the duality of it, the fact that it’s all neat and tidy on the outside and can hide lots of messy stuff inside. For example, Michael is obsessed with driftwood (a… Read more »

Last week I told you about a whole new direction we’re going with regards to the interior decor of our house. We’re moving from contemporary clean lines to shabby chic and we started it off with the purchase of a few pieces of second-hand furniture. The first were two cute little bedside tables which we painted and distressed using chalk paint. The second project, painting and distressing an old armoire, we completed last night (I use the word ‘we’ when… Read more »

Okay so maybe it wasn’t quite as good as the Great British Sewing Bee but we certainly tried. Two friends and I got together to do a bit of sewing and we had a right laugh. I’m not the best ‘sewer’ (that really doesn’t look well written does it?!) in the world but I had a go fixing a few of my clothes. It was Sarah who pulled out all the stops though and altered everything that needed altering. She even made… Read more »

I’m sharing a very special space with you today. My ‘office’ is my own little bit of heaven in my back garden. It’s a cute little summerhouse built by my amazing husband last year. After he’d completed it (I helped with some of it…just a little bit), he also created the most stunning desk, fashioned out of old shuttering boards. He really is my very own superman! We then went about the interior decor. We knew we wanted the place to be inspired by… Read more »

No matter how old I get, I will never stop loving all things Harry Potter. Ever since the first book was published and I was introduced to it by my lovely pal, Liz, I’ve been totally Harry mad. Like many people, I devoured each and every one of those books, watched every single movie at the cinema, purchased all the DVDs and I still watch them today. I got these leggings from Primark! Fabulous, right? But don’t worry… I won’t… Read more »

My husband is one of the most creative people I know. He creates with his hands whereas I use my… well, my head, I suppose! I write Chick Lit and YA books. He especially loves making stuff with driftwood found on the beach. Check out two of my favourite things he’s made… He wanted my input on what to write on the sign above… naturally, being an author of urban fantasy I had to include mermaids! And Tofino… because it’s the most… Read more »