After six weeks away on holiday, I’m finally home. I’ve had the most wonderful time in Scotland and England and think I actually left a little bit of my heart in that part of the world (Scotland). It was the first time I’d ever visited and I was absolutely blown away by the place. It’s mind-blowingly beautiful – a bit like a smaller version of Canada (our other favourite place). During the first week, we started at Inverness and then took in… Read more »

I’m very late in doing this (it’s 11.30pm on Christmas Eve!), but I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I’m having a blast visiting friends and family in England at the moment, before we head north in a few days. I’m super excited about our trip but I’m sure I’ll blog along the way and share some of the wonderful sights! But for now, enjoy this fabulous festive season – eat, drink and be merry. Oh and… Read more »

When I turned 40 last Boxing Day, there were three major ‘achievements’ I wanted to do this year and as of this week, I can now say I’ve done them all. Three major achievements The first occurred a few days after my 40th birthday when I got a tattoo for the very first time. The second was to become a qualified yoga instructor which happened after I completed an intensive yoga teacher training course in October. The third might seem relatively trivial to many… Read more »


Those of you that are friends with with me on Facebook or Instagram will already know what happened to me last weekend. But for those that aren’t – my husband of 18 years proposed to me again! It was totally surreal and completely unexpected. It included him getting down on bended knee to ask me to marry him…for the second time. Not only that, but he also presented me with the most beautiful ring. Michael first proposed to me on… Read more »

Hey everyone! I’ve just returned from my yoga teacher training course (TTC) and I’m feeling on top of the world…as well as exhausted and very achy lol! An experience I’ll never forget, the TTC was everything I’d imagined and more. I still can’t quite believe that I did it and came out the other side with a certificate stating I am now a certified yoga instructor! Woop Woop! I should also mention that, at first, I found it very difficult… Read more »

As you read this, I’ll probably be in downward dog, savasana or even crow pose… yes, I’m off to do some serious yoga! Not just any yoga, mind you. I’m off on a month-long yoga teacher training course. As it’s such an intensive course, there’ll be no time to do any work on my computer – so no blogging, no writing books, no social networking. Actually, I will have my phone with me so I might post the occasional snippet… Read more »

When you’re young, there are so many things you don’t expect will ever happen to you. You think you’re invincible, that your skin will stay smooth forever and that cellulite will never find it’s way to the back of your thighs. Cellulite? The word probably never even entered my vocabulary back then. Boy, how things change… When I was about thirty, I remember going swimming with a friend who was ten years younger than me. Yes she was gorgeous, slim… Read more »

Comfort is very important to me, and so is style. Add to that mix, luxury and heritage, and you’ve got Morlands (Glastonbury) Limited, a company that produces the most comfortable slippers and boots. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to try out one of their products and, being a real girlie girl, I opted for the leopard print ballerina slippers with a pink trim: When my slippers arrived in the post (super quick, I might add), I must admit to… Read more »

This is a little break from my normal posts as I really wanted to share with you this gorgeous Algarve villa for sale. Okay, it just happens to belong to hubby and I and we are hoping to find a buyer soon! It’s not the house that we currently live in, but a house we inherited. It’s such a gorgeous property. We absolutely love it but it’s not in the location that we want to be (we currently live in the foothills of Monchique),… Read more »

Living in the Algarve, I must admit to struggling with dressing for the intense summer heat. On days in July and August, the summer heat can reach (and occasionally exceeds) 40ºC. And that’s seriously hot! Although I’ve lived here 30 years (exactly 30 years last month in fact), I’ve never quite come to terms with the Algarve summer heat. My body seems to heat up and stays hot like hell all the time. Basically I’m a wreck unless a) I’m indoors… Read more »