Royal Thai Massage

The Royal Thai Massage company very kindly offered me a massage last week, but me being the kind wife I am (!), I asked Michael if he fancied it instead. After all, he’s never had a professional massage before. He jumped at the chance. I think he was daydreaming about a wonderfully relaxing, gentle treatment. Little did he know what he was really in for…. He was given several treatments to choose from and, without doing any research, hubby chose… Read more »

Mont Tremblant, Quebec

If I won the lottery with Lottoz UK, what would I do? It’s that age old question that often pops up in conversation – what would I do if I won the lottery? It’s a fun idea to daydream about though, isn’t it? But really, what would I do? Hm… I’d buy a holiday home in Canada Seriously, have you ever been to Canada? It’s probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Not to mention how cool… Read more »

After the success of last week’s Christmas gift guide, I decided to do another one this week. And I might even do one a week until mid December – purely for the fun of finding gorgeous gifts for grown up family members and friends and colleagues. Christmas gift guide Heat Holders from The Sock Shop In today’s Christmas gift guide, I’m going to start with something I received from The Sock Shop that I’m wearing right now – something so… Read more »

Why I’ve decided to quit alcohol – I’ve been drinking alcohol since I was thirteen years old. Shocking, right? The truth is, that was how old I was when my mum died. It was such a tough time for my family and I guess it was one of the triggers that kicked it all off. I started going out with friends and the booze always flowed. It’s crazy when I think about it now. A bunch of thirteen year olds… Read more »

Fall Outfit

The Blended Blog Asks… Fall Theme: I was absolutely delighted to be invited by Andrea (of Living on Cloud Nine) to take part in The Blended Blog’s fall theme this week. Andrea is one of the sweetest, loveliest bloggers you’ll ever find. I really do hope that I’ll get to meet her one day. But on with the post about Fall, or as we call it this side of the Atlantic, Autumn (and in Portuguese Outono). It’s one of my… Read more »

boyfriend jeans

The arrival of cooler temperatures means jeans are back on the wardrobe menu at last! I’m always excited at this time of year, when the summer has come to an end and the promise of cold days hovers in the air. Algarve climate Not that we ever get really cold days here in the Algarve. January and February can see temperatures plummet to a cool -3C (ish) on the very odd occasion – but that’s usually at night time or… Read more »

SN & N Opticians

When something really impresses me, I like nothing more than to give credit where it’s due. Which is why this post is all about SN & N Opticians in Lagos (Algarve). Usually, when my eyes need testing, I put it off and go to Specsavers in England. But recently, I was getting the most awful headaches behind my eyes and I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer so I asked a couple of local friends for their recommendations…. Read more »


I received this complimentary selection of Arbonne products from Rachel Montague-Ebbs at Arbonne in return for an honest, non-biased review on the blog… Health issues For at least the past five years or so, hubby and I have become more and more obsessed interested in a healthy lifestyle. It all started with my own health problems. I’d suffered with stomach and lower back issues for years and, having reached my mid-thirties, enough was enough. We finally decided to do something about… Read more »

Buying a car in Portugal

Buying a car in Portugal can be a little tedious. It’s not the buying process that’s a problem, it’s finding the right car at the right price that’s so tedious. You see, second hand cars (and new ones, actually) are notoriously expensive here. You certainly have to be prepared to travel to get the right vehicle. Buying a car in Portugal Last week we took a day trip to Oporto to have a look at a second hand car. Oporto… Read more »

Bathroom renovation

Last year we finally got round to renovating our en-suite bathroom. Bathroom renovation is something Michael specialises in (it’s his main line of business) so we knew we had to do something special. After all, our own house is the perfect show home for potential new clients! We are absolutely delighted with the result – it’s such a calm and peaceful place that I have even been known to go and lie down in there for my post-yoga *savasana (I kid… Read more »