A night in Lisbon

Last weekend we spent a night in Lisbon. We’d been invited to a friend’s place for a birthday party which was great fun. It was also the perfect opportunity to practise my Portuguese, considering most party-goers weren’t English speaking. I know, I know what you’re thinking. I’ve lived here 31 years, why does she need to practise her Portuguese? The thing is, I rarely get to speak the language. Sounds completely insane, right? Most of our close friends are foreigners… Read more »

I’ve never really been a fan of culottes but when I spotted¬†these denim culottes in Pull & Bear a couple of years ago, I figured I’d give them a try. They’ve featured once on the blog before (with a Harry Potter tee and Converse) but never with boots. I have to admit that it’s a look that’s taken me some time to come round to, to say the least. I will wear what I like In typical husband fashion, Michael… Read more »

Everyday outfit

  This is one of my favourite looks for day to day wear. Yes, it’s nothing more than a simple everyday outfit that I wear pretty much all the time. Skinny jeans, sneakers, tee-shirt, cardigan and a cross-body handbag. It’s comfortable and best of all: super easy to wear.   Everyday outfit: jeans You’ve seen everything I’m wearing on the blog before. The Levi’s have been featured numerous times before because they are undoubtedly my favourite pair of jeans –… Read more »

Fifty Shades of Khaki

I’m sure most readers will be fully aware of my obsession love for all things khaki (see here, here and here, for example). I just can’t get enough of it. When I find a colour I love, one of my favourite ways of wearing it, is to wear several different shades of it – hence the fifty shades of khaki ūüėČ Fifty shades of khaki If I’d owned a pair of khaki jeans, I would most definitely have worn them… Read more »

Proof that I don’t always take myself too seriously, here’s a picture of my fun animal print socks that I love to wear hidden beneath any¬†outfit. On this occasion, I wore them beneath my new¬†wide-legged wool trousers by Jigsaw that I bought from John Lewis in the January sale. I knew I had to have them as soon as I tried the trousers on – they were half price and fit perfectly so a no-brainer, really ūüėČ Vintage-inspired I bought… Read more »

Wide legged jeans

An outfit¬†that I consider to be¬†the epitome of chic¬†is¬†wide legged trousers with brogues,¬†which¬†got me¬†thinking, why not wide-legged jeans with brogues? Hm?¬†So last week¬†I thought I’d try my favourite pink brogues with my favourite soft wide-legged jeans. A¬†girlie cardigan which is¬†pulled in at the waist and a grey and pink scarf completed the look. This is¬†one of those outfits that just seemed to happen and I must say I love it. Because¬†it was a tad chilly when we first left the… Read more »

Accessory Insanity yoga leggings 11

When I got the chance to try out these gorgeous¬†yoga leggings from Accessory Insanity, I¬†was delighted. As you probably know, yoga has become a ritual of mine, one I do almost every day and if I miss it for any reason, I feel blah to say the least. Yoga wear, therefore, is something that is becoming increasingly important to me (what a surprise!)¬†so I’m always up to try out something new.¬†As I’m about to start teaching, the right¬†yoga leggings¬†will be… Read more »

You might be surprised to learn that in these pictures I was dressed almost entirely by my lovely mother-in-law Jackie. This is the outfit she bought me for¬†Christmas and I’ve only just got round to wearing it! The black leather skirt was actually made to measure for me. Nice huh? And the red, black and white biker-style top as well as the gorgeous¬†handbag were also Christmas and birthday gifts from Jackie. Black leather skirt Jackie has been having her clothes… Read more »

White jeans

Spring is in the air and so it’s time for the white skinny jeans and bright colours to come out from the back of the wardrobe and make an appearance. Okay, okay, so I would’ve worn white jeans through the bleak mid-winter if I’d had the chance but I’m always worried they’ll get dirty! But with such beautiful blue skies here in the Algarve, and promises of warmer weather, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear white skinny jeans¬†with… Read more »

I am forty-one years old and I’ve finally decided that I will wear what I like, when I like, wherever I like – regardless of what other people might think of me. Since starting this lifestyle blog in 2015, I have slowly become¬†more inspired to be more adventurous with my clothes, but I have often second guessed myself, worrying about what others will think. Well, that stops… now. I Will Wear What I Like For example, I bought this fabulous… Read more »