After the success of last week’s Christmas gift guide, I decided to do another one this week. And I might even do one a week until mid December – purely for the fun of finding gorgeous gifts for grown up family members and friends and colleagues. Christmas gift guide Heat Holders from The Sock Shop In today’s Christmas gift guide, I’m going to start with something I received from The Sock Shop that I’m wearing right now – something so… Read more »

#dressedindutti is a hashtag for anyone posting photos of themselves wearing clothes by Massimo Dutti and if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of the brand!  What does one do when it’s too dark outdoors to take photos? Well, take them in the bathroom, of course! Our en-suite has the best light in the house. Everywhere else is lit purely by sidelights and for photos, you really need decent (yet soft) overhead lights, right? Having… Read more »

My Christmas Gift Guide It’s mid November and Christmas is going to hit us in no time at all. Can you believe that we’re already talking about it? It seems mad to me, because last Christmas only seems like a few short months ago. Having said that, I’m delighted of course. I love the whole Christmas vibe and shopping is always fun…unless you leave it too late that is. Which is why I’ve scoured online to find some really fun… Read more »

This song was on the TV whilst I was writing, hence the title… Easy Like Sunday Morning…. la de da… sorry….it’s stuck in my head now! We had some close friends stay with us over the weekend and we just had a really enjoyable chilled out couple of days. I cooked dinner on Friday night and hubby cooked Saturday night and then both nights we watched In The Heart of the Sea with Chris Hemsworth (the first half Friday and… Read more »

Planning a holiday is one of my favourite things. Not to mention the holiday itself, of course. Hubby and I recently booked our next USA holiday, and we are incredibly excited about it. Unlike many people that go away in the summer months, we stay here in Portugal throughout the warmer months and head overseas during the winter. Planning our USA holiday Living in the Algarve means that we get sun pretty much all year-round so we’re usually wanting to… Read more »

Gothic Halloween

I hadn’t planned to post a gothic Halloween look today but then, when we had friends over for dinner a few nights ago, it just seemed to happen… a gothic Victorian teacher look – just in time for Halloween lol. I say gothic Victorian teacher because of the shoes (and the top!)… I always thought these fabulous Clark’s brogues have that (very) old fashioned teacher feel to them, wouldn’t you agree? I couldn’t find the same pair but I thought… Read more »

Perfect is boring

I love slogan tops, and when I spotted this ‘Perfect is Boring’ top in C&A this summer, I knew it was made for me! If you’re a regular reader, you’ll probably be well aware that one of my favourite colours to wear is khaki. You might not know that I also happen to love all things camo. Unfortunately I don’t own that much of it so when I spot something so me, I just have to have it. And the… Read more »

I think black skinny jeans go with absolutely everything, especially this pretty floral tee. Read on to find out where I wore it… Last week we went out to a local restaurant, Solar do Farelo, with friends. Considering it’s so local, I’d never actually been before. But it’s very popular with the folk that live around here, especially other foreigners. I must say, I was very impressed. We had such a delicious meal that I’m looking forward to going back… Read more »

casual night out

The past few weeks seem to have gone by in a bit of a blur… it’s been one casual night out after another with hubby’s brother and two nephews visiting. And because they haven’t been over for quite a few years, there was plenty of catching up to do! It was truly wonderful to see them again, and we couldn’t believe how much the boys men have grown. I felt like the tiniest person on the planet around them (the… Read more »

Fall Outfit

The Blended Blog Asks… Fall Theme: I was absolutely delighted to be invited by Andrea (of Living on Cloud Nine) to take part in The Blended Blog’s fall theme this week. Andrea is one of the sweetest, loveliest bloggers you’ll ever find. I really do hope that I’ll get to meet her one day. But on with the post about Fall, or as we call it this side of the Atlantic, Autumn (and in Portuguese Outono). It’s one of my… Read more »