among the cork trees

We found this gorgeous spot among the cork trees last week whilst driving around Monchique. Completely calm, quiet and totally serene, hubby and I were immediately taken with it. Surrounded by cork trees, it would be the most perfect location for a house – pity¬†we’ve already bought a plot elsewhere ūüėČ Cork trees Did you know that Portugal produces¬†half of all¬†harvested cork trees¬†worldwide? Once they reach about 25 years old, they’re then¬†stripped of cork every nine years. The trees live… Read more »

Feeling under the weather

I’m feeling under the weather at the moment because I’m suffering with a horrid head cold. Hubby very kindly gave it to me. It all started last weekend when these photos were taken. If you look close enough, you may notice my¬†very puffy eyes (luckily Luna, above, was on hand to give me a cuddle). Okay I admit that on Saturday I really was feeling under the weather with¬†a little bit of a hangover but the cold was well on… Read more »

We popped into Massimo Dutti last weekend and I fell in love with this black suede jacket. We certainly weren’t¬†planning to spend ‚ā¨199 but when I put it on, I just knew it was a ‘me jacket’ ‚Ästso hubby bought it for me! Aren’t I a lucky girl? I realise black on¬†black¬†isn’t the best way to¬†show the jacket off but it’ll be featuring on the blog a lot in future ‚Äď no doubt about it. It’ll go with almost anything…. Read more »

A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I bought a few new pairs of Converse All Stars. The shop was closing down and they had a two-for-one offer. We couldn’t resist, so we bought two pairs each! I chose orange and yellow Converse as well as¬†a golden pair. Like most people with a pulse (!), I’m a huge fan¬†of Converse. I love how versatile they are. They look just as good with jeans or combats as they do with a… Read more »

Mum Jeans

Mum jeans or mom jeans (whatever you want to call them) ‚Äď you either love ’em or you hate ’em. I love them. Hubby hates them. They can be very plain and very boring but if you jazz¬†them up a bit, then they become way more fun, right?!   How to wear mum jeans Yes if you wear mum jeans¬†with old white trainers and a frumpy top, they’re going to look downright blah, but roll up the hems and team… Read more »

Chinos – the perfect trousers for dressing up or dressing down, don’t you think? The weather is slowly warming up here in the Algarve. Although, as I write this, it’s very grey and has been pouring with rain today. Two days ago though, I was out in the garden with my shorts on working on getting a little colour on my legs! Apparently there will be a little more rain over the next week or so¬†but the summer is definitely… Read more »

A look that never dates

A look that never dates¬†is the classic white tee, blue jeans and black blazer. It’s such a simple statement¬†that’s been around for decades and I just love it. Back in the 90s, I remember flicking through teen fashion magazines and seeing¬†supermodels wearing the classic white tee and black blazer, along with loose fitting blue jeans (they’d be pulled tight at the waist with a big belt if you remember?). Add to that bright¬†red lipstick and lashings of black mascara and… Read more »

Silver tee

This¬†weekend we¬†had a few pals over for a pizza dinner and I just had to wear my brand new sparkly silver tee, bought from H&M last week. Silver tee As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. Light grey with silver polka dots¬†on it, it was the sparkliness (I made that up) that caught my eye. Actually, they’re not really polka dots, they’re more like little star bursts. I know the tee¬†will go with so… Read more »

Denim skirt

Get ready folks… put your sunglasses on because I’ve got my legs out and they’ll blind you otherwise! For someone who lives in a warm climate, my legs are ridiculously white… almost translucent. But last weekend, I decided it was time to get them out, so I put my denim skirt on and went for a drive in the country with hubby. Odelouca In the hills and valleys of the beautiful area known as Odelouca, we found this gorgeous little… Read more »

Red, white and black

Red, white and black, colours that just seem to work together, right? Especially when the majority of an outfit is black and white and you just add a hint of red – like a cardigan, a handbag, a lipstick or a pair of shoes. Red, white and black – it just sounds right too! When friends suggested we head out for a meal, we thought it would be¬†great to lift our spirits a little (see last paragraph). We went to… Read more »