You might be surprised to learn that in these pictures I was dressed almost entirely by my lovely mother-in-law Jackie. This is the outfit she bought me for Christmas and I’ve only just got round to wearing it! The black leather skirt was actually made to measure for me. Nice huh? And the red, black and white biker-style top as well as the gorgeous handbag were also Christmas and birthday gifts from Jackie. Black leather skirt Jackie has been having her clothes… Read more »

White jeans

Spring is in the air and so it’s time for the white skinny jeans and bright colours to come out from the back of the wardrobe and make an appearance. Okay, okay, so I would’ve worn white jeans through the bleak mid-winter if I’d had the chance but I’m always worried they’ll get dirty! But with such beautiful blue skies here in the Algarve, and promises of warmer weather, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear white skinny jeans with… Read more »

I am forty-one years old and I’ve finally decided that I will wear what I like, when I like, wherever I like – regardless of what other people might think of me. Since starting this lifestyle blog in 2015, I have slowly become more inspired to be more adventurous with my clothes, but I have often second guessed myself, worrying about what others will think. Well, that stops… now. I Will Wear What I Like For example, I bought this fabulous… Read more »

Not only was yesterday a windy and chilly day, but I was also suffering from a horrible head cold (courtesy of hubby) but still we headed out and tried to get some decent pictures. As you can see, we mostly failed (!) but I wanted to show you my new loafers, fishnets and a cute embellished top anyway. Loafers The navy loafers were bought from Massimo Dutti in the January sales and they are very cool (if I don’t say… Read more »

It’s been a week since we returned from our holidays and life continues as normal here in the Algarve. Yesterday we headed out to see my dad for a couple of hours and the weather was lovely mid-morning – azure blue skies and a gentle warming sun. The clouds have since descended though and it’s looking decidedly grey out there. Because it was a little chilly first thing I opted to wear my recent TK-Maxx purchase, a grey woolly A-line dress with my favourite… Read more »

Christmas Day outfit

With Christmas a week ago, and the new year festivities just finished, I spent some time this morning going through some of the photos taken whilst on holiday. Wonderful memories  still fresh in my mind, I figured I would share with you my Christmas day outfit… My Christmas Day Outfit Leaving it to the last minute, I picked up this little sparkly number from Oasis just days before the 25th for a steal at £29 (it was originally about 40). It’s… Read more »

After searching for a new winter coat, I finally found this khaki one in Decathlon. I’d been on the look out for something waterproof and warm in preparation for our upcoming visit to the UK. Not only are we travelling to England, but (for the first time ever) we’re headed even further north and will be spending a few weeks in Scotland! I can’t wait. Decathlon So a very warm and waterproof jacket was necessary. Living in bonnier climes, it can… Read more »

I’d been wanting to buy one of these for ages but hadn’t found one that I loved. Until, that is, I walked into one of my favourite stores, Massimo Dutti, and finally found the perfect bodywarmer. It also just happened to be reduced from €60 to €50 at the time! Clearly it was meant to be. I do have another body warmer in my wardrobe; a grey one that I bought from Fat Face a few years ago. I love it… Read more »

black ensemble

Yesterday we went for a long drive to the small town of Rogil on the Algarve’s west coast. The purpose of the trip? To visit a favourite cafe where they make the most delicious cakes. Stupidly, I neglected to take photos of said cakes so you’ll have to do with me strolling along the beach side in a black ensemble instead 😉 On the way home, we made a quick pit stop down a long and winding road which culminates at the beautiful… Read more »

Some days things just all seem to come together, leaving you feeling really good about yourself. And this occasion was one of those days for me. Perhaps it’s because I was wearing one of my favourite combinations: jeans and dresses (like here and here, for example). My growing-out-in-between-usually-a total-mess hair was actually looking good and glossy (yay for hair straighteners). Even my silver streak was behaving itself… And my choice of clothes made me feel like a strong and confident woman. Or maybe it’s simply because… Read more »