I’m shopping for a new winter coat at the moment. Obviously I want something stylish but it must be waterproof – or at least water repellant. An upcoming visit to Wales makes that an absolute essential! I’ve been keeping an eye out over the past few weeks but haven’t started my ‘mission winter coat’ just yet, so I thought I’d start it online. My first port of call is Massimo Dutti where I’ve spotted at least one rainy day potential. I’m… Read more »

I love jewellery boxes. I love books. So it’s only natural that I would fall head over heels in love with the Little Book of Earrings* which is a totally cute alternative way of storing your earrings. Plus it can discreetly be slotted into your book collection for added security. I’ve got tonnes of earrings – too many really – that I’ve collected over the years and the vanity case I’ve been using to store them in is very impractical – and,… Read more »

My latest obsession is with the great and almighty Chucks. I just LOVE my Converse and cannot get enough of them. I love seeing people wearing them out on the streets, just so I can get new ideas, although thinking about it, Converse do go with pretty much anything, right?  I mean, there are women out there who wear them with their wedding gowns. Which is a pretty awesome idea! Did you know that Converse has been in existence since 1908? Cool, huh?… Read more »

I’ve got a serious thing for stripes, especially this season when I appear to have bought a massive amount of stripey tops. Seriously, whenever I open my t-shirt drawer, the only thing staring back at me seems to be stripes. Maybe I need to tone it down a bit :/ Or not! The majority of these tops were bought in Quebramar, one of my new favourite stores (that I only just discovered earlier this year). It’s a fabulous shop clearly inspired by all things nautical. Even… Read more »

  Neo Victorian by suzyturner featuring Alexander McQueen I’m absolutely loving one of the top trends of A/W 2015. The goth look. Vogue calls it Neo-Victorian and it totally speaks to me. Probably because I’ve always been a bit of a closet goth. Black was always my go-to colour, and up until recently, I used to often go a little mad with the black eyeliner.  It was only as I started approaching 40 that my hubby casually mentioned one day that… Read more »

I love getting style ideas from friends, especially those that are 40 plus and still rocking it. Two of my gorgeous pals came round for a bite to eat the other night and kindly let me photograph them with my brand new camera. (I’m slowly learning the ropes of photography… and hoping to get better!) I love having stylish friends. Here are some of the snaps I took. Jeanett has inspired me to try wearing a sleeveless blouse like a waistcoat. Hers came… Read more »

I’m not one to follow trends, I never have been. But if something happens to be in style that I like (and that suits me), then great. For instance, fringing is in at the moment, apparently and I happened across a really cute beige top with a fringe while out the other day. I was drawn to it immediately and just had to try it on. Although the faux suede fabric is a little warm in this balmy summer weather, it… Read more »

I’m beyond excited at the moment because my good friend and ‘style guru’, Lizzie Griffiths (aka The Girl Who Cried Fashion) has agreed to collaborate with me in up and coming style and health posts (we’ve got an amazing vintage style special planned in October) and she’s here for a chat today. So, come and meet her! Hi Lizzie! Great to have you on the blog today. Can you tell us a bit about yourself: how did The Girl Who… Read more »

As you probably already know, I LOVE Massimo Dutti and was therefore overjoyed to have found this gorgeous burnt orange silk blouse in their sale for less then €20. What a total bargain! Although it looks a little shiny in this image, there was just too much sun, making it appear glossier than it is. Although the blouse is super long, I think it also looks good tucked into a pair of jeans or could easily be worn loose with leggings, perhaps. I teamed it with… Read more »

* MASSIMO DUTTI * Have you noticed one of the most common lines in movies today is, ‘That’s what I’m talking about!’? And it’s usually expressed in some kind of exclamation (I reckon Eddie Murphy started it all off in Trading Places). Well, this is my new, regular, blog feature. ‘That’s what I’m talking about’ is basically about stuff that I think is cool. Sorry for using the term ‘cool’ but it’s just my age, I use it… a lot.Where was I? Oh yes, my cool… Read more »