If you follow the blog, you’re probably already aware of how much I love green. So when I had the opportunity to choose a necklace from The Eternal Collection, I couldn’t resist this stunning natural sea green abalone shell statement piece. Mesmerising This mesmerising sea green abalone shell necklace transforms into a shimmering statement piece when worn. With hints of purple, turquoise and aqua shimmering within the heart of the shell it catches the light beautifully. Superior quality oval link… Read more »

If you read my post yesterday about Woolovers, then you’ll know that I wanted to spread my joy about them over two days. So here I am with the second Woolovers Merino teal sweater I chose from one of my new favourite sites. It’s a cashmere and merino cable crew neck jumper in teal marl, according to the site. And I must say, I love it! I’m wearing it as I write and I can’t believe how comfortable I am…. Read more »


I recently discovered Woolovers, a fabulous British brand which makes the most beautiful clothes from wool (as well as silk and cotton). Having always been a fan of anything woolly (!), I was delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with them. I chose two gorgeous jumpers – the one I’m wearing in these photos, and another merino wool sweater which I will be wearing in tomorrow’s post. They’re so luxurious and pretty that I wanted to spread the post… Read more »

Mont Tremblant, Quebec

If I won the lottery with Lottoz UK, what would I do? It’s that age old question that often pops up in conversation – what would I do if I won the lottery? It’s a fun idea to daydream about though, isn’t it? But really, what would I do? Hm… I’d buy a holiday home in Canada Seriously, have you ever been to Canada? It’s probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Not to mention how cool… Read more »

As Christmas draws closer, our thoughts undoubtedly start to wander to what we’re going to wear on the big day, and of course to all those fabulous parties we’ve been invited to! If you’re looking for something that will stand the test of time, then these David Nieper dresses are a great place to look. David Nieper Dresses Step out in style in an easy-to-wear jersey dress or beautifully cut silk dress. Classic designs that will take you through every occasion… Read more »

After the success of last week’s Christmas gift guide, I decided to do another one this week. And I might even do one a week until mid December – purely for the fun of finding gorgeous gifts for grown up family members and friends and colleagues. Christmas gift guide Heat Holders from The Sock Shop In today’s Christmas gift guide, I’m going to start with something I received from The Sock Shop that I’m wearing right now – something so… Read more »

#dressedindutti is a hashtag for anyone posting photos of themselves wearing clothes by Massimo Dutti and if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of the brand!  What does one do when it’s too dark outdoors to take photos? Well, take them in the bathroom, of course! Our en-suite has the best light in the house. Everywhere else is lit purely by sidelights and for photos, you really need decent (yet soft) overhead lights, right? Having… Read more »

My Christmas Gift Guide It’s mid November and Christmas is going to hit us in no time at all. Can you believe that we’re already talking about it? It seems mad to me, because last Christmas only seems like a few short months ago. Having said that, I’m delighted of course. I love the whole Christmas vibe and shopping is always fun…unless you leave it too late that is. Which is why I’ve scoured online to find some really fun… Read more »

This song was on the TV whilst I was writing, hence the title… Easy Like Sunday Morning…. la de da… sorry….it’s stuck in my head now! We had some close friends stay with us over the weekend and we just had a really enjoyable chilled out couple of days. I cooked dinner on Friday night and hubby cooked Saturday night and then both nights we watched In The Heart of the Sea with Chris Hemsworth (the first half Friday and… Read more »

Planning a holiday is one of my favourite things. Not to mention the holiday itself, of course. Hubby and I recently booked our next USA holiday, and we are incredibly excited about it. Unlike many people that go away in the summer months, we stay here in Portugal throughout the warmer months and head overseas during the winter. Planning our USA holiday Living in the Algarve means that we get sun pretty much all year-round so we’re usually wanting to… Read more »