floral choker top

Pretty floral choker top When I spotted this pretty floral choker top in Pull & Bear, I simply couldn’t resist it. The in-built choker means there is absolutely no need for a necklace. I’ve always loved chokers – I think it’s because they remind me of another era. Is it the Victorian times, perhaps? I actually had a pretty bad couple of weeks, to be honest. It started off with me overdoing it on the computer (when I get excited… Read more »

Strapless black dress

Enjoying an evening out right next door wearing my strapless black dress from George. As I write this, I’m sitting indoors with the fan on, watching Journey to the Centre of the Earth. We’ve had a busy weekend of socialising and late nights and I’m so tired. But it’s a good tired when we’ve had such a lovely time! It’s also pretty hot outside. I ventured out to Algarve Shopping (another shopping centre about 35 minutes drive away from where… Read more »

off-the-shoulder, pink and floral girlie top

This off-the-shoulder, pink and floral girlie top isn’t something you’d normally find me wearing. However, in the past couple of years (since starting this lifestyle blog) I’ve learned when shopping that I should think outside the box and try things I wouldn’t normally try. Hence the off-the-shoulder, pink and floral girlie top! Pink and floral I must admit that when I first put it on, I felt great. Not only is it cute, but it’s also perfect for those days when… Read more »

Kids section

I fell in love with this dress the second I saw it. And it wasn’t even meant for my age – I bought it from the kids section in H&M! I do that quite often, to be honest. It all started after I lost quite a bit of weight a few years ago and I figured stuff from the kids section would probably fit me. Little did I know that even now (after I put the weight back on), kids… Read more »

Floral tee

I’ve never been a huge florals person, but this floral tee caught my eye a few weeks ago and it kind of appealed to me. Initially, I thought it was a little ‘old’ for me, which made me laugh when I thought about it. In my early twenties, I wouldn’t have given it a second glance, but now I thought perhaps I could carry it off. Isn’t it funny, how certain styles look different to us at different stages in… Read more »

Traditional Portuguese Architecture

A the moment, hubby and I are obsessed with traditional Portuguese architecture. The plans for our new house are currently being drawn up and so every time we spot something interesting, we simply must take photos. Last week, we took a stroll through the old part of Portimao (our nearest city), taking in the beauty of tiled exterior walls, pretty front doors, Juliette balconies and everything else associated with traditional Portuguese architecture. You might remember me mentioning lovely old buildings… Read more »

I love mustard yellow and white. It’s weird, because when I was younger I hated yellow. It looked awful on me. Now though, it’s a favourite. I’m sure it has something to do with changing skin tone and hair colour as we age. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It just means we can play around with colour a little more when we go shopping 😉 Massimo Dutti Last week, we had friends over for dinner and as it… Read more »

The other day we were driving through the lovely old town of Silves, en-route to dinner, when hubby decided to stop and show me one of the old pretty buildings in the town. Whilst there, it seemed a waste of a pretty location not to take some outfit shots. Especially as the light was so beautiful and soft (which is always a plus for us 40+ bloggers, right?). Old pretty buildings Regarding the old building, it was the roof line… Read more »

New glasses

Last week I had an eye test. It was my first in about two to three years and one I was desperately in need of. But I’ll tell you more about that on Friday. For the moment, suffice to say that I have new glasses, and here they are! Not the best photos, I admit. I’ve just realised that having my hair completely off my face doesn’t do me any justice. But at least I was a little cooler with… Read more »

Polka dots

A couple of nights ago, we went out for a meal with friends to our local restaurant and it was still super hot in the evening. I struggled to find something to wear so I ended up with this long flowing skirt and a cute cotton vest top with polka dots on it. I think long flowing skirts are the ideal thing to wear when it’s hot. I’d have preferred one in a brighter colour but black is all I… Read more »