When planning for a holiday, one of my first thoughts is what handbag will I use? If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I hate to be uncomfortable and that includes what I’m carrying on my shoulders. For holidays (or even a long day shopping), a hand-held bag is a no-no for me. I need something that will allow me to go hands-free. So it’s got to be a rucksack or a cross body bag. And because I also… Read more »

After four weeks away, we’re finally home back in Portugal. Although holidays are AWESOME, coming home is always wonderful. To walk back in to your own home, sleep in your own bed and be able to cook and relax in peace. Coming home this time though, that didn’t exactly happen… While we were away, we had some work done to our open plan downstairs – all the walls were showing cracks so they had to be rubbed down and fixed… Read more »

Planning a holiday is one of my favourite things. Not to mention the holiday itself, of course. Hubby and I recently booked our next USA holiday, and we are incredibly excited about it. Unlike many people that go away in the summer months, we stay here in Portugal throughout the warmer months and head overseas during the winter. Planning our USA holiday Living in the Algarve means that we get sun pretty much all year-round so we’re usually wanting to… Read more »