The truth about why I never became a mother Twenty years ago, I was desperate for a baby. Little did I know at the time, that desperation would last another fifteen years, and I would never become a mother. Every month I would practically hold my breath when my period was due. I’d be elated whenever it was late. And when it came, my heart would break a little more. Every. Single. Time. I remember one particular month, I… Read more »

Perfectly Imperfect Isn’t it funny how our body confidence seems to change as we get older? We tend to have less confidence when our bodies look their best and more confidence when the wrinkles and cellulite have set in, right? But what’s wrong with being perfectly imperfect? Absolutely nothing. In my late teens and twenties, I didn’t exactly like the way I looked. I scrutinised everything about my body, even though (looking back now), I had a perfect figure, smooth… Read more »