Yogadocious Youtube Intro

Hey folks! I’ve been busy with yoga lately and just wanted to share my Yogadocious YouTube channel video with you. Basically, I’m trying to get more views lol. So I’d really appreciate it if you could check it out, and maybe even share it with your pals! I know, I’m cheeky but it doesn’t hurt to ask, right? Yogadocious YouTube channel What do you think? I hope I come across okay… what do you think? It’s never easy talking to a… Read more »

Yogadocious Logo

I’m super excited at the moment. I’ve just launched my latest venture: Yogadocious. As you can imagine, it is centred around yoga, but will incorporate so much more. As you might have guessed by now, I’m passionate about yoga, wellbeing, healthy-living and the power of a positive mind. Yogadocious is where I can delve deeper into all of these things. Yogadocious website/blog First and foremost, Yogadocious is my new website. It’s clearly still in its early days so needs some… Read more »

Yoga Music

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve finally started teaching yoga and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing that I’m helping people through yoga. Although my little yoga studio is teeny (it fits only two students and myself, comfortably), I’m also available for home visits (only in the western Algarve, that is!). Whether you’re eight, eighteen or eighty, yoga is amazingly beneficial for you, regardless of your weight, flexibility or general ability. It’s something I’d recommend for absolutely… Read more »

Accessory Insanity yoga leggings 11

When I got the chance to try out these gorgeous yoga leggings from Accessory Insanity, I was delighted. As you probably know, yoga has become a ritual of mine, one I do almost every day and if I miss it for any reason, I feel blah to say the least. Yoga wear, therefore, is something that is becoming increasingly important to me (what a surprise!) so I’m always up to try out something new. As I’m about to start teaching, the right yoga leggings will be… Read more »

Hey everyone! I’ve just returned from my yoga teacher training course (TTC) and I’m feeling on top of the world…as well as exhausted and very achy lol! An experience I’ll never forget, the TTC was everything I’d imagined and more. I still can’t quite believe that I did it and came out the other side with a certificate stating I am now a certified yoga instructor! Woop Woop! I should also mention that, at first, I found it very difficult… Read more »

As you read this, I’ll probably be in downward dog, savasana or even crow pose… yes, I’m off to do some serious yoga! Not just any yoga, mind you. I’m off on a month-long yoga teacher training course. As it’s such an intensive course, there’ll be no time to do any work on my computer – so no blogging, no writing books, no social networking. Actually, I will have my phone with me so I might post the occasional snippet… Read more »

  I love yoga. It’s a passion of mine that’s been developing over the past couple of years and one which is only getting stronger with the passage of time. Unfortunately, due to an ongoing back injury, my yoga journey was put on hold for a few months last year (and then again for about a month in December/January) but I yearned for it when I wasn’t able to do it. Thankfully, now I understand where the weakness in my back is stemming… Read more »

For the past couple of months I’ve been spending most of my time on my back… no, not because of that (wink wink)! Issues with my back have plagued me for years and I’ve seen various doctors and chiropractors but the underlying problem was never diagnosed until a recent visit to another chiropractor who knew immediately what was wrong – a sacroiliac sprain. Little did I know that, during the months before my diagnosis, I was making it worse with… Read more »