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Life is easier when you dance – at least that’s what my t-shirt tells me anyway. Yes, this post is not about dancing, it’s about what I wore yesterday 😉
I do love things that sparkle and shine and so I couldn’t resist buying this t-shirt a couple of seasons ago. I think it came from Promod and I probably got it in the sale. And yes, I also bought it because it’s about dancing. I LOVE to dance and don’t do it anywhere near enough. When I was a kid, I was a pretty good dancer, in fact I used to win all the local dance competitions up until I was about 13 and stopped entering. But enough about that, we were talking about my outfit…

I am a real casual kinda girl, I love jeans and Converse so for me to wear black trousers with converse, heck that’s almost a dressy outfit! But I do love the way it looks, plus it means you can add a denim jacket and avoid the whole denim on denim thing – having said that, I happen to love denim on denim (!). Here I’m wearing a pair of high-waisted skinny black trousers bought from Primark several years ago. Oh and the jacket is Primark too. When I decided I needed a denim jacket, I hunted high and low, trying on every single denim jacket I could find in our local Aqua shopping centre and you know what? The best one with the best fit and feel, was in Primark. It was also the cheapest 😉

Blue top, blue jeans5

The handbag was a birthday present from my lovely mother-in-law and I must say, I absolutely love it! I’m not sure where she bought it but it’s a cool bag – I love that it’s black on one side, grey on the other and the sides have a bit of cheeky animal print. Perfect, don’t you think?

Blue top, blue jeans6

Oh and I mustn’t forget to mention this glorious location. It’s at Praia do Vau, in between Alvor and Praia da Rocha (Algarve). There’s these little lookout points all along the road which you can walk along and get wonderful views down to the beach. Gorgeous!

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