Lagoa Graffiti Art
I love this outfit, mainly blue and a denim waistcoat with a pop of yellow. When I put it together, it made me smile. So when Michael walked in and said I looked ‘different’ I wasn’t quite sure how to take it. Especially as I was hormonal at the time! But whether or not he liked it, I wasn’t bothered because I liked it and that’s all that really matters, right?

Denim Waistcoat21

I think perhaps I’m feeling a little rebellious at the moment after reading one of the best blog posts (like, ever!) recommended by Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb in her monthly favourite, fun and fabulous links post a few days ago. The post, entitled 24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear, was written by retro-fashion and lingerie blogger, Warning Curves Ahead. If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to check it out. It’s bloody brilliant! It’ll make you rebellious too, I’m sure of it!

Denim Waistcoat22

You’re probably looking at these photos and thinking, rebellious? She doesn’t look rebellious! I hadn’t thought so either but Michael’s comment that I looked different resonated with me so I must’ve done something different – perhaps it was the denim waistcoat along with the blue eye makeup lol.

Denim Waistcoat18

This is the first time I’ve ever owned a denim waistcoat and I must confess that I love it. A gift from a friend a few days ago, I chose to wear it with a pop of yellow because I think the colour just goes brilliantly well with the denim, don’t you agree? This old necklace happened to be the ideal accessory too. As for the shoes (yes you’ve seen them before), my trusted sparkly golden Vans were my first choice. I removed the black laces to make them a little less harsh and loved the result. Fun, right? I can’t wait to wear the denim waistcoat with other things too, like dresses perhaps?


As for the location of these photos, we popped along to Lagoa, the city (that’s really more like a small town) where I grew up for a cup of tea and a cake. There’s some interesting graffiti art dotted around the town as well as a couple of my favourite cafes, one of my favourite charity shops is located there too.

After we enjoyed a cup of tea, we wandered around for little bit before visiting the local cemetery. A strange place to visit, perhaps, but I love the serenity that can be found within the confines of local cemeteries. It’s quite fascinating walking through and looking at the many gravestones and family tombs. Heartbreaking too, of course. On that note, I’ll leave you. If you haven’t yet clicked the link to Warning Curves Ahead, I encourage you to do so now. It’s a marvellous read 😀

Chunky yellow and silver necklace




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  1. Living on Cloud Nine

    I love a pop of yellow with denim, makes it feel like sunshine!!! And you are sun shiny sensational!! Happy Monday lovely!!

    1. Suzy Turner
  2. Debbie Stinedurf

    I’m going to read the article as soon as I’m done here…You look fabulous with the happy pop of yellow! One of the most versatile things to have in your wardrobe is a denim vest (waistcoat) in my opinion. You can pair it with so many things to change up the look.

    1. Suzy Turner
    1. Suzy Turner
    1. Suzy Turner

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