Feeling under the weather

I’m feeling under the weather at the moment because I’m suffering with a horrid head cold. Hubby very kindly gave it to me. It all started last weekend when these photos were taken. If you look close enough, you may notice my very puffy eyes (luckily Luna, above, was on hand to give me a cuddle). Okay I admit that on Saturday I really was feeling under the weather with a little bit of a hangover but the cold was well on its way into my system. However, I put on a brave face because we were invited out to our friend’s place for dinner. You should check them out as they have a lovely B&B (Onda Vicentina) in the west coast near Aljezur.

Feeling under the weather

Dressing for when I’m feeling under the weather

When feeling under the weather, I don’t know about you, but I need serious comfort. And that means something loose enough around the belly, my favourite skinny jeans and some comfy shoes. And because the weather is often a little cooler up the west coast, I needed something else for warmth. I chose my trusty denim jacket from Primark.

Feeling under the weather

Guess where the bag came from?

Along with all that, I chose to use my blue leather handbag which I haven’t used before. Can you guess where it came from? If you’re a regularly reader of my blog, you’ll have probably guessed right: my mother-in-law! This is one of several handbags she gave to me after Christmas.

Feeling under the weather

Although it’s a really cute bag, I wouldn’t want to use it for long periods of time because the single strap digs into the shoulder a bit much. Like I said – I want ultimate comfort when I’m feeling under the weather!

Feeling under the weather

I bought the leather sandals late last year from a shoe shop in Aqua that has recently closed down for some reason. They’re undoubtedly one of the most comfortable pairs of sandals I’ve ever owned. It’s such a shame the shop isn’t there anymore because I’d love a second pair in another colour.

Feeling under the weather

My favourite skinny Levi’s, a simple Primark dress and a very old necklace complete the look that was perfect for a casual, comfortable, evening out. The hair was a total mess though lol! It really is at that awkward stage and I can’t wait for it to grow out!!

As much as I’d like to write more, I’m going to sign off now because I really am feeling under the weather – my head is literally pounding…ouch 🙁


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  • Sharon Presland

    I hope you feel better soon! Around here everyone has been ill in the last few weeks and I still have a nagging cough from it (4 weeks and counting!). Must be all these brutal changes in the weather. Sending a big hug your way xxx

    • Thanks Sharon! It certainly is dragging on now… I ended up succumbing to the flu meds 🙁
      Suzy xx

  • Sorry to hear you’re under the weather! My hubby gave me his cold recently and Iost my voice for the 1st time ever. He thought it was great. Get well soon x

    • LOL Gail that’s the sort of thing my husband would say to me too! Thanks!
      Suzy xx

  • Sorry to hear you’re feeling poorly, I hope you feel better soon. You look great despite feeling ill, I love the patterned tunic over the jeans.

    Emma xxx

    • Thanks Emma! I’m finally starting to feel more ‘me’ today! So hopefully I’m over the worst of it now!
      Suzy xxx