Glamorous Granny24Jackie is one of those people you’ll never see without makeup or without her hair done. She’s passionate about clothes, nails, jewellery and accessories – something that hasn’t changed about her in her 70+ years. She is, without a doubt, one of the most glamorous grannies I’ve ever met. She also just happens to be my mother-in-law! Flamboyant, quirky and eccentric are all words Michael and I often use to describe her because they sum up her unique style and personality.

We have such a laugh whenever we visit (scroll through the photos above to see Jackie struggling not to laugh!), especially when we sit and chat in her amazing walk-in wardrobe, which is, in fact, a bedroom decked out with a large selection of her clothes and accessories. It’s more like walking into an over-stocked boutique.

Jackie’s quirky style has led to her designing her own sweaters which are created by a woman she met on Etsy (in Lithuania, I think). Not content with what she finds in stores, Jackie will buy a top, take it home and ‘glamourise’ it with sequins, feathers, brooches, basically anything that will bling it out and bring it up to her style. Occasionally, she will even repeat the process to handbags and boy does she have a lot of handbags. Actually, she has a lot of everything – she does love to shop – much like her daughter-in-law 😉

Unfortunately, we’re not the same size, otherwise some of the things in her wardrobe would have made their way to mine! Speaking of mine though, some of what I own – especially jewellery, are gifts from Jackie and she often gets my taste spot on. I have some beautiful items that I wear all the time (especially rings).

Another thing Jackie is always proud to show off, are her nails. Always beautifully manicured, her fingernails are always sporting some kind of bling (much like the rest of her!).

Glamorous Granny3


Glamorous granny new nails

Here’s a photo of her latest nails!


Glamorous Granny4

Like I said before, she is, without doubt, the ultimate glamorous granny.

Here’s a couple of photos of Jackie with Michael (getting up to mischief!), and one of our Christmas family photo 😀



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  1. Living on Cloud Nine

    Aww what a beautiful and sassy MIL. She looks so fun and wow, what a wardrobe!! I bet you have a ball with her and probably always fun to see what she’ll be sporting next!!

    1. Suzy Turner
    1. Suzy Turner

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