You probably read the title of this post and thought, “will she not make up her mind already?” but bear with me. I’ve got a pretty good reason why I’m growing out my pixie… again. Michael and I have been married 18 years this year (we celebrated our anniversary in June) and for some time, we’ve been discussing the possibility of renewing our vows. Well, we’ve finally set a date. YAY!

So in two years time, to show everyone how much we still love each other, we shall be having a big party with all our close friends and family. We’ll write some fun new wedding vows to each other and I’ll have a lovely new dress… oh yes, I’ll definitely be having a brand spanking new gorgeously delicious dress!

But I’m digressing again. Why I’m growing out my pixie…again. Once we’d decided on a date, I asked Michael if he’d like me to have long hair for the vow renewal, or if he’d prefer me to keep it short. He barely even thought about it. “Grow it,” he said.

So here I am. Growing out my pixie…again lol!

Here’s some photos of how my hair has changed over the years – the photos are a bit jumbled though lol.

Hairstyles over the years

If you recall, this time last year my hair was long (bottom left pic). It had taken me exactly two years to get it to that length (from a pixie). And then I cut it into a long bob, before going for the chop again in November. I have no regrets. I love having short hair and I love having long hair. I’m lucky that I suit both ends of the spectrum.

But… when I got married 18 years ago, I made a stupid mistake with my hair. Just months before the big day, I chopped off my glorious long hair. I ended up having a short bob with a very blunt (and very heavy) fringe to boot – on the big day. That was my one and only regret. Not having the chance to do something really pretty with my long hair. So now’s my chance. Now’s my chance to do it the way I should’ve done it all those years ago and I can’t wait.

Planning the big day

We’ve got two years to plan this crazy, fun day which is why I’m starting early. Two years to grow my hair long is priority number one. Priority number two is venue. And then priority number three is most definitely my dress lol. I’ve already started eyeing up my Vow Renewal Pinterest board (I just love that site) for possible styles. Do I go full on wedding dress? Or do I just go for an elegant slim fitted dress because I’m over 40? Hell no! I want the fairytale (yes, that is a line from Pretty Woman and I’m gonna use it).

When I got married back in 1998, I had a wonderful wedding and I had a lovely dress. But it was borrowed (from a wonderful lady). So this time, I’d like my very own gown – maybe it’ll be white, maybe it’ll be black, it might even be black and white or red! I don’t know yet. I just know that I want something beautiful and I want something that is me (gothic, fairytale perhaps? lol).

And knowing me, a few months after the renewal, I might even chop all my hair off and go for a pixie again. LOL. With me you just never know 😉

10 thoughts on “Why I’m growing out my pixie…again

  1. Sian

    You’re so lucky that your hair looks gorgeous at every length – I’m not sure I know many other people who can suit long flowing locks as well as the pixie! I’m so indecisive with my hair too – I’m trying very hard at the moment to stick to having it shorter and above shoulder length, but my hair grows ridiculously fast and to keep it in a proper above shoulders style means hair cuts every month or so. So my last hair cut, I had it done quite a bit shorter than I have ever before to give it more growing time and I’m now aiming for below shoulder, mid-length hair for a little while. I’m often tempted to go back to my really long hair but it is so unmanageable at that length!

    1. Suzy Turner
      Suzy Turner

      Thanks so much for your lovely comments, Sian! I guess I am lucky I can wear it long or short 😀
      Really long hair can be a pain in the neck – literally. I know a few nights I woke up being strangled by it lol!!
      Suzy xx

  2. Elizabeth Seckman

    How wonderful! You should have the wedding of your dreams. (My dream wedding was an elopement, so if I did a renewal, Chad would be getting off lucky!). You do wear all the hair styles well. I can’t wait to see how it comes along!!

    1. Suzy Turner
  3. Debbie Stinedurf

    Oooo…Suzy….combine gothic AND fairytale!! That would be amazing! You do look fab with long or short hair. I do love that bottom left pic. I look like a middle aged woman who has given up if my hair is short…lol! I kid you not, I used to cut it off from time to time when I was younger and even in my 20’s I looked totally frumpy with short hair.

    1. Suzy Turner
      Suzy Turner

      I must admit, I can’t imagine you with short hair, Debbie. But then why would you go short when you look that incredible with it longer? I love you hair – it’s gorgeous!
      I love the idea of a goth fairytale vow renewal! I shall have to tell Michael my (your!) idea and see how it fares lol!
      Suzy xx

    1. Suzy Turner
      Suzy Turner

      It’s funny how our tastes change – I only chopped it all off last November lol!
      I love your longer locks – I always think you look so glamorous as it is <3
      Suzy xx

  4. Susanna

    Aw I renewed my vows too and it was amazing ! Better than the original wedding. Lol. I wore a 1950’s style tulle dress. And we had our reception on a steam train ! Best day ever. Enjoy all your planning
    Susanna xxx

    1. Suzy Turner

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