Happy 2018 my beautiful friends! As I write this, I’m curled up on the sofa in our fabulous hotel suite at the Grand Pavilion Hotel in Saratoga Springs. It’s actually much milder outside today at just –14˚C! I know, crazy right? It’s the coldest we’ve ever felt. Unfortunately, this has meant that all my plans for some fabulous outfit posts while on holiday have had to be put on hold. It’s just too darn cold to go out without my thermals, extra layers, hat, scarf, gloves, hood up, snow boots etc! If we’re connected on Instagram, you will probably already know what I’m talking about…

So here are some outfit photos from before my holiday in the US…

Navy shift dress

You might remember this gorgeous navy blue shift dress from the summer, when I wore it out to a lovely dinner with friends. When I bought it from Quebramar in Portugal, I had a feeling that I’d be able to wear it in the winter with thick tights and a polo neck, and I was right. I love the result! 

I apologise about the quality of photos – since the winter set in, it’s become more and more difficult to take outfit photos outdoors so I had to resort to my en-suite bathroom! It’s a lovely backdrop though, don’t you think? 😉

Gorgeous necklace

But back to the outfit, I glammed it up a bit with a beautiful necklace that I bought about a year ago in the sales but it had a little problem that needed fixing and we didn’t get round to it until about 15 minutes before these photos were taken lol.

In the winter, I do love to wear boots and my tan suede Massimo Dutti pair were my footwear of choice for this outfit. I don’t wear them often enough though, probably because they’ve got heels and my poor bunions do suffer in heels!

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to share some outfit posts from my holiday here very soon. Fingers crossed that the weather warms up enough! I’ve got some gorgeous gifted items with me that I can’t wait to show you all!

But in the meantime, I hope you’re all thoroughly enjoying the new year. I have a feeling it’s going to be simply amazing. So do stay warm, be joyful and healthy. Happy 2018 my lovely friends!


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  • Living on Cloud Nine

    I wondered when you were heading over the pond! Sorry it’s so cold but you still look incredible! I loved Saratoga Springs! I adore your shift dress too! That necklace is the perfect touch! Enjoy your holiday my dear sweet-n-gorgeous friend. Adore you!!

    • Thanks Andrea! It has been VERY cold lol but we’re just about keeping warm…. we’re staying indoors today. Poor hubby isn’t very well today. I just hope he’s better by tomorrow because we’re supposed to be driving over to Ithaca for the next few days!
      Love Suzy xx

  • What a fabulous look—that necklace just makes such a statement!!

    • Thanks Jodie!
      I hope you’re keeping warm, my friend!
      Suzy x

  • Rosie Doal

    I absolutely love the necklace. Statement pieces are my fave way to dress up an outfit!
    Rosie x

    • Thank you so much Rosie! I agree – a statement necklace really does make an outfit, doesn’t it?
      Thanks so much for stopping by.
      Best wishes,

  • Beautiful necklace Suzy and I love those boots! I am such a boot/ bootie fiend! Oh wow! I feel like we are cold enough in NC with temps below freezing! you look beautiful and I think I might try some indoor shots this week!
    Happy 2018 friend!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • Thanks Jess! I’m a real boot fiend too – we’re so alike is many ways lol!
      Suzy xx

  • ADA

    Sounds like your trip to USA has been great Suzy but yes you visited during the worst, most brutal Winter ever. It is freezing here. You dressed up that sweater dress so nicely, stunning statement necklace. You will see in my recent post that I wear and love a lot of sweater dresses, too. =)

    Thank you so much for joining my linkup before. I always look forward to seeing your outfits so welcome by and join this week’s Thursday Moda with your fab style! Thanks and Happy 2018!!


    • Thanks so much, Ada! It has been brutally cold, hasn’t it? Fortunately it feels much warmer now. But I hear we’re in for some rain for our final weekend here! I hope it’s not too heavy because we’ll be in New York!!
      Suzy xx

  • Those boots! Love!
    I actually think your indoor photos are really good. This is something I’m looking at doing because I’m fed up with getting poured on! My tiny London flat is just not going to cut it! Happy new year lovely xx

    • I’m lucky I have such a fab bathroom to take photos in, Laurie, lol! But it is tough taking decent photos indoors.
      Suzy xx

  • Suzy, this outfit is amazing! And the boots have me swooning! That first photo in this post is absolutely stunning, too. I hope you had a wonderful trip stateside. Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year. Thanks so much for joining my #SpreadTheKindness Link Up.


    • Shelbee, you’re just the kindest gal! Thank you so much. I’m still in the States, Rhode Island at the moment but we finish our trip with a few days in New York from tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will be good to us!
      Suzy xx

  • Gorgeous outfit Suzy! I love how you’ve layered the sweater under the dress to make it winter-appropriate. I thought it was cold here at around 4 degrees celsius! I don’t think I could cope with -19! Hope you had a wonderful trip!

    Emma xxx

    • Thanks Emma! Luckily it’s warming up here now… I actually managed to take some photos outside without my coat on yesterday… although when we’d finished, I was quick to put it back on!
      Suzy xx

  • Nikki Bywater

    All the best for 2018! I just love the colour of that anorak. I saw one in a lighter shade in River Island and thought it was fabulous. I like a nice warm coat for wearing for walking. As always great outfits and photos.