Have you ever thought about having hypnotherapy but dismissed it because of some silly pre-conceived notion about being hypnotised with a pocket watch? Well, I can assure you it’s really nothing like that… not at all! I’d like to introduce you to someone who does the real thing – uses hypnotherapy to truly help people. Pedro Frias has been a friend of mine for the past five years, but it’s only within the past year or so that he’s finally found his true calling, with the creation of Hipnoterapia Algarve (Hypnotherapy Algarve).

Hypnotherapy Algarve

Achieve your desires

Pedro works with clients from all walks of life, to help them achieve their desires – whether it’s to quit smoking, deal with phobias, find success in business, lose weight or to simply be happier. Working from his wonderfully relaxing treatment room beneath his apartment in Ferragudo, you’ll be feeling ‘zen’ in no time before the treatment begins.

Hypnotherapy Algarve

Hypnotherapy Algarve

Becoming well known for his hypnotherapy treatments, Pedro’s work schedule is getting increasingly busy due to the success he is having with his patients. I have a friend who has successfully quit smoking – literally from one day to the next – all thanks to Hipnoterapia Algarve (Hypnotherapy Algarve).

I visited Pedro a couple of weeks ago not for a hypnotherapy session, but for something a little different and I left feeling chilled out, excited for the future and also perhaps a little freaked out (in a good way)…

Regression therapy

I had a regression session (say that after a couple of glasses of wine!), which is where I was able to ‘access’ memories from my previous lives. Okay, so you do have to be totally open minded to believe in such things. I just happen to be a huge believer that we’ve been here hundreds – if not thousands – of times before. During my session, we ascertained that I have been here before as an African slave who died whilst trying to escape; an African woman who lost her entire family to disease before dying herself; some kind of native tribal woman who was responsible for feeding the tribe; not to mention the aliens. But perhaps I shouldn’t mention those for fear of freaking you out a bit too much! 😉

Hypnotherapy AlgarveThis is not a sponsored post by any means. I’m so excited for Pedro that I wanted everyone to know about Hipnoterapia Algarve (Hypnotherapy Algarve). His enthusiasm for what he does is so completely contagious that I’m hoping to work with him in the future (when I’ve got my yoga retreat up and running in a couple of years).

If you’ve been desperately wanting to quit smoking or drinking, treat your anxiety issues, treat depression, cut down on the amount you eat, or expand your spiritual awareness for example, then Pedro is your guy. I highly recommend you give him a call and book yourself in for a hypnotherapy session. Or even a regression session if you’re open to it. For more information, visit Hipnoterapia Algarve (Hypnotherapy Algarve) on Facebook or Pedro’s website.


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    I am not opposed to hypnotherapy at all. I wish it was more readily available in our area. I hope you enjoyed a lovely day gorgeous lady!! Whoohoo to the pool! We have to wait till next Spring for the pool construction so I’m coming to swim in yours this summer, lol!

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