Aren’t these ankle boots from JD Williams absolutely divine? Sadly, I wasn’t able to take super duper photos outside because of this horrendous weather affecting parts of the US where I am at the moment. There’s one hell of a snow storm hitting the east coast as I write. Luckily, we’re safe in Saratoga Springs tonight!


Gorgeous JD Williams Boots

But back to these absolutely gorgeous boots – I was kindly gifted them from JD Williams just before Christmas and I’ve worn them a few times since. I can honestly say they are the most comfortable ankle boots I’ve EVER worn. They’re like wearing super comfy soft slippers. In fact I wore them out to dinner last night (the restaurant is connected to the hotel so we didn’t have to step outside) and the hostess couldn’t keep her eyes off them, commenting how much she loved them when we sat down!

Warmth & Comfort

Although the JD Williams boots are not particularly dressy, I figured I’d need warmth and comfort during my holidays and I was right. I just wish the weather would warm up enough for me to wear them a little more often outside. At least I know they’re going to get oodles of wear when I get home. So they’ll probably be on the blog all the time for the next few months (actually… probably for years to come considering the fabulous quality they are!). The boots themselves are actually Rieker ‘anti-stress’ footwear which explains the wonderful comfort they offer. If you’re looking for some new footwear, I recommend you check out the JD Williams site, which has a huge variety of shoes, boots and some really great clothes and lingerie too (not to mention the electricals, homewear, kids stuff and more).

The simple outfit

Because I’ve been living in jeans (with thick uber-warm thermals underneath), last night I wanted to wear one of the dresses I brought with me on holiday. It’s been on the blog once before, just under a year ago, and I do love its warmth and A-line shape. It’s pretty yet practical (and you know how I love practicality!). Opaque black tights and my infinity scarf from Scotland finished this simple look off. I wanted the JD Williams boots to stand out, and judging from the restaurant hostess’s response, I achieved that!

For now though, it’s back to the cold weather and my snow boots… but hopefully I’ll be back soon with some outdoor photos!

Stay warm, folks!


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  • They’re not the sort of boots I would be drawn to, but they look great with your outfit and the fact they’re comfortable is a huge bonus!

    • I couldn’t agree more, Gail! To be honest, they weren’t the kind of boots I’d usually be drawn to either but recently I decided to be try things that are a little different. I’m glad I did. I love them!!
      Suzy xx

  • I bet they keep your feet warm! And I like the look of the sole, perfect for icy weather. I’ve just looked up the gorgeous dress and gutted it’s from TK Maxx. I’m on the lookout for a dress just like this. xx

    • Laurie, they really are lovely and warm. And so is the dress!! Sorry it’s not from somewhere you can get one though – it is a fab dress, perfect for the winter!
      Suzy xx

  • Maria Kelly

    They are fabulous! The colour is fab and having warm and comfy feet is so important during Winter! x

    • I couldn’t agree more, Maria! Thanks for stopping by!
      Suzy x

  • Keit

    Well how about that, awesome beautiful shoes and even better – they are comfy! <3 I can understand why the hostess couldn't stop looking at them, I would have done the same!
    Stay warm and cozy during this snow storm!

    • LOL Keit, there’s nothing better than style when it comes with such comfort, is there? Thanks for stopping by!
      Suzy x

  • Chrissy Rowden

    Those boots are adorable and I love them with your sweater dress. They look warm and cozy, comfortable AND stylish – perfect combo!

    • Thank you so much Chrissy! I d love finding things that look great whilst also being comfy!
      Suzy x

  • Those boots look like my kind of boots Suzy!

    Thank you for linking up to #fakeituntilyoumakeit!

    • Samantha, I could SO see you wearing these boots!

  • These are adorable! I’ve never heard of the brand before, but I can see why the waitress was eyeing them 🙂 Stopping in from The Blended Blog, and hope you’re staying warm!

    • It’s a popular site in the UK, Charlotte, but the boots are actually made by Rieker, which you might have heard of?
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Suzy x

  • Suzy, I LOVE those booties! The colored yarn is so fun with the hiking style heeled boot. And you and i both look for comfort with shoes, plus style! This really is my kind of favorite outfit. i wear sweater dresses often in the winter, and yours looks beautiful on.
    Have a great day! stay warm
    jess xx

    • Thanks Jess! The coloured yarn really is what makes them special (apart from the uber comfort lol)
      Suzy x

  • Nikki Bywater

    I just love ankle boots and I love the unique style of these. The photos are all fantastic and show the boots of well. Happy to be back, I have really missed my time getting a fix of this blog xxx

  • That looks like such a cosy outfit and I love the extra touch of colour and print your ankle boots give, I can see why you were complimented on them! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend! Another extreme weather weekend here. So hot, we are staying near the air conditioner. Very different from your extreme weather, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • LOL Mica! Where on earth in the world are you? To be near the air conditioner? It was bitterly cold in America but at least its a bit warmer now I’m home in Portugal!
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      Suzy x

      • haha I’m in Australia, it’s (a very hot!) summer here!

        • Oh…. of course! LOL! I hope it’s not too hot for you 😉

  • Pen

    Yes, they are lovely. They are a statement piece and they look soooo comfortable. Pen x #brilliantblogposts

  • Elizabeth Seckman

    I’m getting hit with that snow! And the freezing cold. So sorry it hit while you’re visiting the east coast. My son loves it. He’s only been having a few days of school a week, the rest have been cancelled.

    Those are some cute boots!

    • Oh no, Elizabeth! I hope the snow isn’t causing too much trouble for you!
      Suzy xx

  • Mummabstylish Mummabstylish

    How did I miss this post? Super styled boots, aren’t they a fabulous colour for the winter! Sorry the weather is bad – I only want snow when I go to the Alpes next week for skiing! Stay well my friend. x Jacqui

    • Oooh the Alps?! I hope you have a fantastic time!
      Suzy xx

  • Fabulous boots Suzy! They look really warm and well-made. I’ve got some sandals from JD Williams (it’ll be a while before I can wear them again!) and they’re so comfortable. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • LOL Thanks Emma! I hope it’s not too long until you can wear sandals again but it probably will be lol!
      Suzy xx