LandlustI LOVE magazines. Always have. Always will. I went straight from college to work in the publishing industry where, eventually (after working on newspapers for a few years) I got to work on magazines full time. I loved going out and about meeting people with fascinating backgrounds and skills and then going back to the office to write features on them all. It was such fun but the best bit? Taking delivery of the brand new magazines. Opening those crisp pages and seeing all those fabulous features… the smell, the feel… sigh. Can you tell I’m a bit obsessed with magazines?

Landlust-2Which is why I was chuffed to be sent a brand new magazine that hit the English shelves this month. Landlust UK is a magazine that “embodies the spirit of the countryside”, full of beautiful images and pages and pages of well written articles that will inspire anyone who loves the outdoors (and indoors, for that matter). If you enjoy reading the likes of House and Garden, Country Living and so on, then you really should check out this new magazine on the block. New to the UK, that is, Landlust has been successfully printed in Germany for the past decade.

Landlust 4

Landlust 2





Landlust11Landlust UK is full of articles to get your creative juices flowing – whether you love to tend to your garden, dabble in flower (or in this case, leaf) arranging, DIY, crafts or furniture creation, knit, cook, bake, make Christmas decorations, there’s clearly something for everyone. Even though I’m quite useless at craftwork, I’ve got my eye on several things I’d like to give a go (or hint to my good friend Sarah who’s rather nifty at all these things) like a beautiful multi-coloured knitted shawl. There’s even an in-depth feature about falconry which is really quite fascinating (I’ve loved birds of prey ever since we were introduced to them at school as a kid).


Landlust 6

Landlust chocolate loafThis month’s edition also came with it’s own additional little ‘book’ of recipes featuring delicious-looking loaves and coffee cakes. So delicious-looking in fact, that I’ve already experimented with one of them. It went down particularly well with our dinner guests who took some extra home with them (much to Michael’s dismay!). I shall be trying out the rest soon.

The next edition comes out March 22nd, so in the meantime, the next time you’re looking for a magazine to read, look out for Landlust UK, you won’t be disappointed.