Not only was yesterday a windy and chilly day, but I was also suffering from a horrible head cold (courtesy of hubby) but still we headed out and tried to get some decent pictures. As you can see, we mostly failed (!) but I wanted to show you my new loafers, fishnets and a cute embellished top anyway.


The navy loafers were bought from Massimo Dutti in the January sales and they are very cool (if I don’t say so myself). I love the thick soles – although they’re not the easiest of thing to walk in! I tend to be a bit clompy, but they just feel they’ve been made really well (typical Massimo Dutti, of course).


After being inspired by fellow blogger Michelle, I decided to try out some fishnets and love just a hint of them beneath my skinny jeans. The fishnets I bought from Calzedonia, and the saleswoman talked me into buying three pairs because the third pair were half price (one navy, one black and the other flesh colour). This is the first time I’ve worn them (well, for years anyway) and must admit they were actually quite comfortable. Wearing them with turned up Levi’s just added a little je ne sais quoi 😉 So, thanks Michelle! <3

Embellished top

I bought the embellished top from my new favourite shop, Oasis. I can’t believe I’d never been in there before Christmas. It’s fantastic. They’ve got so many pretty things that appeal to me. You might remember I bought my sparkly Christmas day dress in there too? Although the picture didn’t come out too well of the embellishment, it’s a very pretty addition to a simple striped top, and the collar is removable. Cool huh?

I’m sure you’ve probably seen this jacket on the blog before but I bought it from Mango last year when I was looking for something waterproof and warm (which, incidentally, this is neither) but I tried it on and had to have it. I love the length and the style and the fact that it’s actually just right for Portugal when it’s not cold enough for a full-on winter coat.

If you’re wondering where we were in the photos, we were by the Algarve Autodrome, which isn’t very far away from where we live. Not only is there a huge race track, but there’s also a karting track as well. Hubby can be found ‘racing‘ there a few times a year and he loves it!

4 thoughts on “New loafers, fishnets and a cute embellished top

  1. Living on Cloud Nine

    In High School Penny loafers were my jam. I love these and the new shinny finish! That embellished top is darling. You are even more darling and I do hope you’re feeling better. Yucky head colds. Hugs!

  2. Sian

    I’ve just bought some fishnet ankle socks and some fishnet tights for this exact reason too – to wear under my Levi’s! They look really awesome on you – a great way to bring a trend into an everyday outfit, love it 🙂

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