I might look completely bored while wearing my Massimo Dutti shawl in this picture but I assure you I wasn’t. I was clearly just really into my nails at that moment in time ;).

Massimo Dutti shawlA few weeks back, we were headed out for a bite to eat and it was starting to get chilly in the evenings. I wasn’t quite ready for full on woolly jumpers so, instead, I opted to wear my favourite Massimo Dutti shawl. To be honest, I’m not even that sure if it’s called a shawl but for want of a better description, that’s what I’m going to call it.

Massimo Dutti shawl

I bought this Massimo Dutti shawl (!) a few years ago just before we drove back to the UK for our Christmas holidays. And I must say, it was a Godsend. I kept it in the car for chilly mornings and it kept me snug as a bug in a rug the whole holiday (we actually drove through Spain and France and then had two weeks in Wales – it was utter bliss!).

Timberland boots

Massimo Dutti shawlIt still gets plenty of wear but I avoid taking it on holiday with me if we’re flying because it’s just too bulky – and I can’t have my suitcase too full in case I want to go shopping, can I?

Anyway, on this occasion, like I said, we were off out for a bite to eat. I can’t actually remember where, to be honest, but it may well have been sushi, considering that’s a favourite of ours! Comfort was clearly at the forefront of my mind because I also wore my trusty favourite Timberland boots which are like walking in the clouds. I adore them. They are the more comfortable boots I’ve ever owned.

The beauty of owls

Skinny jeans and a simple black long sleeved tee completed the look, alongside my Marta Ponti leather handbag and my adorable owl necklace which was a gift from a friend a few years ago. She was obviously aware of my love for those beautiful creatures.

Massimo Dutti shawl

I should probably mention here that I’m really not as miserable as I look in these photos! Sometimes, the best ones just seem to be the ones without a smile. I do smile, and laugh, an awful lot. I really ought to try and show that in my future blog posts! But in the meantime, here’s one from a few weeks ago, where I was giggling at least!


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  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Suzy, I love owls! That necklace is darling. The shawl looks so cozy and I think black with tan and cognac is so classy! I bet your giggle is precious in person too! Have a sweet day my beautiful friend!!

    • I’m a big fan of owls too, Andrea! They’re such beautiful, majestic, creatures aren’t they?
      Thanks so much, gorgeous!
      Suzy xx

  • Suzy I love shawls and wraps (whatever?) They are warm and cosy and can be tucked into your bag when not required. Yours is a stunner!
    best wishes
    Ashley x

  • I use these quite a lot if I’m out for an evening. It’s amazing how versatile they can be and surprisingly warm. This style looks great on Suzy, I love the Massimo Dutti brand. Have a fantastic Christmas xx