Winter Coat

After searching for a new winter coat, I finally found this khaki one in Decathlon. I’d been on the look out for something waterproof and warm in preparation for our upcoming visit to the UK. Not only are we travelling to England, but (for the first time ever) we’re headed even further north and will be spending a few weeks in Scotland! I can’t wait.

Winter Coat


So a very warm and waterproof jacket was necessary. Living in bonnier climes, it can often be quite difficult to find warm and waterproof items, so when we headed up to Lisbon a couple of weeks ago, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try and find my new coat. I got lucky the first store we visited. Decathlon is probably one of the best sport shops we have here in Portugal. They have shops all over the country but my closest (Portimao), doesn’t stock anywhere near as many as the massive stores that can be found around Lisbon. It is possible to buy online but I couldn’t buy a coat without trying it on.

Winter Coat

A new winter coat in khaki

The one I chose is in one of my favourite colours (you’ve probably noticed I have a bit of a penchant for khaki! Here, for example and here.) And, although it is perhaps a little shorter than I would have liked (and another bugbear of mine – the hood is non-removable), it is super comfortable and lightweight.

Winter Coat

I have other winter coats (non waterproof ones) that are stylish but are so heavy that they sometimes give me shoulder ache! I hate that. So this was simply perfect. And it didn’t break the bank too. At 70 euros, I thought it was very affordable for a coat that should last me years.

No doubt you’ll be seeing this winter coat a lot over the next couple of months while I’m away!


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  • It is very cold in England right now and I wish I had a jacket like yours when we went to Belfast this weekend!

    • LOL I can imagine, Gail! It’s a tad colder than the Algarve at the moment 😉
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Suzy x

  • I went to Scotland last year. Loved it there. Good choice of coat! Warm and looks great. Look forward to reading about your holiday Suzy x

    • Oooh where did you go? Were you there in the winter? Thanks for stopping by!
      Suzy xx

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    I wondered if you were in the UK right now? The absolute perfect coat with the fur trim and would be great for here too, we got a foot of snow last night and it’s a whopping 24°, ha ha! I hope you have been enjoying a wonderful wonderful holiday my friend!

    • Thanks Andrea 😀 I am in England at the moment but the weather has been really mild! It hasn’t been too cold at all lol. But I’m having a wonderful time seeing my family. It sounds like it’s freezing where you are! I hope you’re having a marvellous festive season.
      Huge hugs
      Suzy xxx

  • If you are anywhere near London I WANT TO SEE YOU! xxx

    • LOL Sorry I didn’t make it. Next time though 😀
      Suzy xx