I’ve always loved Chinese food but for the past few years we’d pretty much given up on it here in the Algarve. Many of the restaurants we’d visited before all served the same, bland food. It all seemed to come up with a very similar tasting sauce. Until, that is, we discovered the Palacio da China in Lagos. We now consider it to be the best Chinese restaurant in the western Algarve. Not only is the food absolutely delicious, there’s… Read more »

While Michael was cleaning his motorbike the other day, I figured it would be a fun backdrop  for an impromptu photoshoot (pretending to be a biker chick!). His sporty BMW is clearly his pride and joy, so I had to be careful though 😉  But, as you can see from his photography skills, his bike is also the only thing he wanted to focus us (no surprise there!) hence me being slightly blurred whenever the bike is in shot! Last week it still wasn’t quite warm enough… Read more »

I wanted to show you the Massimo Dutti dress that I bought a few months ago and I had intended to take some photos before we went out for dinner. However I took too long in the bath and it so was dark by the time we went out. So, when we got back from the Chinese restaurant, I thought what a great idea it would be to take a few pics inside at home. So here’s me a few glasses… Read more »

When I started blogging, my first priority was to buy a really good camera and then I was desperate to find a decent bag to carry it in. So, having been blogging for quite a while now, I thought I’d share with you a few things to consider when buying a camera bag. Ideally, I wanted something stylish – after all, my blog is often about style. Unfortunately, style and camera bags aren’t something that necessarily go hand in hand. Not… Read more »

Life is easier when you dance – at least that’s what my t-shirt tells me anyway. Yes, this post is not about dancing, it’s about what I wore yesterday 😉 I do love things that sparkle and shine and so I couldn’t resist buying this t-shirt a couple of seasons ago. I think it came from Promod and I probably got it in the sale. And yes, I also bought it because it’s about dancing. I LOVE to dance and… Read more »

Street art in Portimao

There’s a road that I drive down sometimes which has the most beautiful example of street art on it. Situated between Portimão and Praia da Rocha (the old road) in the Algarve, there’s this long yellow wall and then just when the you reach the end, you think there’s an old Portuguese lady leaning out of the window looking at you. But it’s not real. It’s art. There’s no window, and no old lady. I think it’s absolutely incredible. I… Read more »

Here is the perfect example of an impulse buy. I bought these gorgeous blue velvet shoes a couple of weeks ago in the sale for a bargain (and I mean a serious bargain – under 10 euros!) even though there is a problem with one of the ankle straps. Basically, it’s almost impossible to put the strap back through the buckle because it’s a little bit too thick at the end. But I didn’t care, I totally fell in love… Read more »

I bought a fun pair of leopard print moccasins in the January sales. I never thought I’d see myself wearing something like this but they were a real bargain in Massimo Dutti so I figured why not? To be honest, I’m still a little unsure what to wear them with so yesterday I simply teamed them with a pair of skinny blue jeans, a khaki shirt, black cardigan and my favourite burgundy tote bag from Knomo. If you have any suggestions of… Read more »

Last week I told you about a whole new direction we’re going with regards to the interior decor of our house. We’re moving from contemporary clean lines to shabby chic and we started it off with the purchase of a few pieces of second-hand furniture. The first were two cute little bedside tables which we painted and distressed using chalk paint. The second project, painting and distressing an old armoire, we completed last night (I use the word ‘we’ when… Read more »

In January, when we visited Wales (for the first time in my life!), our Hay-on-Wye holiday cottage was aptly located near the beautiful little town of Hay-on-Wye, renowned for its book festival. Sadly, the day we visited Hay-on-Wye, our sat-nav decided to send us there via the middle of nowhere, the longest route possible! It was raining, there’d been some flooding, it was getting dark and we were in two cars, one of which contained two very young children. By… Read more »