I was reading a blog post the other day about signature style that got me thinking about what mine is. The first thing that popped into my head was jeans. I wear jeans, like, ALL THE TIME. Even when I decide I’m going to be more girly and wear more dresses, it lasts about two days and the third day I’m back in my jeans again. I just can’t help it. So I started thinking about dresses with jeans: in one… Read more »

I LOVE wearing animal print. I’m not talking all over animal print, mind you. No, that would be breaking all the style rules, right? Well, two fingers to style rules. Who needs ’em anyway? But I’m digressing, I like to add just a hint of it here and there. Like here, I decided to wear my Massimo Dutti leopard print moccasins and because it was a bit chilly (in mid-May, it’s insane!), I also added an animal print scarf for the heck of… Read more »

One of my favourite spring time recipes is undoubtedly fresh peas and broad beans on toast: heaven on a plate. It’s incredibly easy to make and is packed full of goodness. Ingredients Handful of raw peas Handful of raw broad beans Bunch fresh mint Mozzarella Olive Oil Salt & Pepper Fresh garlic Spelt bread (lightly toasted), can be any bread but spelt is much more delicious! Method Lightly crush the beans and peas in a pestle and mortar along with the mint…. Read more »

Pastéis de Belém are famous throughout the globe, known for being possibly the tastiest custard tarts in the world. I know. I had the pleasure of sitting down in the well known eatery and sampling them recently. And yes, I did only have one… honest 😉 Michael and Doug, however, had a couple each 😀 Doug certainly enjoyed his… There’s not an awful lot to write about these little cups of deliciousness so I’ll let the pictures do the talking… The bakery,… Read more »

Last week we were fortunate to have dinner at Restaurant Ramiro – where we tasted the best seafood in Lisbon! I’m telling you, this food was meant for the Gods, it was absolutely heavenly 😉 The night before, we dined at another of Lisbon’s best restaurants (O Carvoaria, which is known for its deliciously-cooked red meat) and the waiter was kind enough to recommend Ramiro. So, the Wednesday night, we walked down the road from our hotel (we were lucky… Read more »

Last week I had the pleasure of devouring  tasting some of the world’s tastiest ice cream. Amorino, a franchise with ice cream ’boutiques’ all over the world also has a couple in Lisbon, where we spent a few days with close friends (Lisbon, not Amorino! Although that would have been nice). We’d visited Amorino a couple of years ago and were overjoyed to find a lactose-free alternative that tasted absolutely divine. And no, I’m not exaggerating. Their sorbets are out… Read more »

Last week, during our trip to Lisbon, we decided to take our friends to 28 Cafe, a popular eatery which is a replica of the famous 28 tram. Eating there reminded me of one of my favourite jazz songs by Stacey Kent, Breakfast on the Morning Tram. We weren’t there for breakfast though, we were after a hearty lunch! Three of us opted for salads, but our pal Doug chose Francesinhas – a typical Portuguese sandwich made with bread, ham, linguica… Read more »

While wandering the streets of Lisbon earlier this week, we spotted a sign that read, ‘The Sexiest WC on Earth’. We couldn’t possibly walk by without investigating, so we paid the 1 euro entrance fee and went to spend a penny (I guess that should’ve read went to spend a euro). The attendant on duty (basically she tended to the shop, because naturally there would be a shop, right?), told us we could choose whatever colour toilet paper we so… Read more »

I bought the most fabulous pair of blush pink brogues online from Clarks last week and when when they arrived I was absolutely delighted with them. Inspired by the gorgeous Lizzy of What Lizzy Loves, I simply couldn’t resist splashing out. After having a look through my wardrobe to see what to wear with them, I soon discovered that brogues with skinny jeans look really quite cool. Especially with turn-ups. Wouldn’t you agree? On Sunday, I wore my pretty new brogues for… Read more »

Jackie is one of those people you’ll never see without makeup or without her hair done. She’s passionate about clothes, nails, jewellery and accessories – something that hasn’t changed about her in her 70+ years. She is, without a doubt, one of the most glamorous grannies I’ve ever met. She also just happens to be my mother-in-law! Flamboyant, quirky and eccentric are all words Michael and I often use to describe her because they sum up her unique style and… Read more »