We try to visit the Lisbon area at least once a year, often staying somewhere along the coast and we always have a great time. Last weekend, we had a short wander around the town of Cascais where we stayed at the Farol Boutique Hotel. We took a few photos as we went. The town is full of beautiful architecture, places of historical significance, coastal beauty and pretty streets. I’d definitely recommend it as a place to visit if you’re ever in or around the Lisbon area. Here… Read more »

Whenever we go away (whether for a full blown month-long holiday or one night away), Michael usually spends weeks (months, in some cases) researching the many different hotels in order to find some real gems and offers. Last weekend was no exception. He booked us, and our two friends, into the Farol Design Hotel located right on the Cascais seafront and boy, was it a stunning place to stay. Easy to find and with plenty of decent parking (always one… Read more »

I spent this weekend in Lisbon with George. Well, not literally. I wore George this weekend. George at Asda that is. A couple of pairs of jeans and a blazer to be exact (among other things of course). I’ve always been a fan of George at Asda so was excited to be among the bloggers invited to take part in their ‘weekend denim’ campaign.     The challenge was to wear denim all weekend – not a problem for me… Read more »

Michael and I are huge fans of Indian cuisine. In fact, we (well, he does mostly!) cook it several times a week. Generally we stick to vegetarian dishes, occasionally having chicken or fish. And this recipe is a firm favourite, it’s the perfect egg curry. Not only is it so easy to create, it’s also utterly delicious. If you’re keen on Indian cuisine or would like to try it out, I highly recommend you give this recipe a go. I’m sure… Read more »

As a kid, blue was never a colour I was remotely interested in. Blue was for boys, pink was for girls (I sound so ancient). That would stick with me until I grew up and realised that the beauty of blue is, in fact, that it’s a gorgeous colour on pretty much everybody and the deeper the shade, the better (for me anyway). It’s probably my favourite colour right now. On the other hand, I do love to see men in pink too –… Read more »

The recent sudden death of my father’s adorable dog made me want to hug my little critters that much harder when I got home. I adore my little family of dogs and cats, which sadly, has also been reduced in size this year with the passing of two of our beloved cats (Scully and Robbie). But we still have four amazing members of the family: Roxy, Luna, Hermione and Poppy. This post is dedicated to them and how much I love having… Read more »

It wasn’t until I started this blog that I discovered a deeper interest in fashion, I don’t mean fashion as in the latest trends about what I should or shouldn’t be wearing (I wouldn’t take any notice anyway – I wear what I want to wear), I mean what goes on behind the scenes  and everything related to fashion. I love scanning through all the latest style blogs, watching Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model, for instance. I’ve also developed a love for… Read more »

The little pink dress, every woman should have one. Okay, maybe not every woman but every woman who loves pink. Right, so perhaps that was a dumb statement. Most women who love pink have tonnes of the stuff in their wardrobe, right?! But considering how much I love pink (and you can probably tell from the pink overload on the lips, nails, dress AND scarf but hey… I can wear what I like), I don’t actually own that much of it. Not… Read more »

I love the rain, I always have – albeit from the comfort of my home or car. Sometimes though, I do enjoy being out in it (provided I’m well covered up), just enjoying the sounds and the sights and the beauty of rain, of everything getting covered in droplets of water. It can be so beautiful and inspiring, don’t you agree? We’ve certainly been having our fair share of rain here in the Algarve over the past couple of weeks. Not that… Read more »

I love denim, leather and lace, especially when combined into one outfit. So today’s look is most definitely a favourite of mine. I’ve had this black lace skater dress a few years now and it always comes out during the winter months. It looks so cute with thick black tights (or coloured ones) and black boots. I bought these leather Carvela Kurt Geiger boots last winter and I adore them. I’ve been so looking forward for the weather to cool down just… Read more »