Hello. It’s me (sorry… I have Adele stuck in my head) and I’m finally back from my holidays! Five amazing weeks where we toured through Spain and France in order to get to England where we spent Christmas with my Mum-in-law before heading up to visit various¬†wonderful friends and family, before then going over to Wales where we holidayed for two weeks (take a breath). I can’t quite believe it’s all over now though. Cue sad face ūüôĀ Sadly, our… Read more »

Recently we visited¬†the beautiful town of Siguenza and I was blown away by its beauty. En-route from the Algarve to England, we‚Äôd found the town online (beforehand) and decided to visit – I had no idea it was going to be so breathtaking! There were lots of pretty little stone houses as well as the most gorgeous cathedral – not to mention the castle. We arrived mid afternoon, so just had a little bit of time to explore before the… Read more »

It seems like ages ago that I was telling you about the¬†search for my perfect winter coat. Well, it finally came to an end well in time for my holiday in the colder weather when I eventually came across this gorgeous black coat in Massimo Dutti¬†(where else?!). It‚Äôs perfect for travelling because it weighs next to nothing, unlike the coat I wore¬†on last year‚Äôs US holiday which actually made my shoulders ache! This one is easy to wear, it goes… Read more »

I don’t usually get my nails done, in fact up until last week, I’d only ever had them done professionally twice. Once when I got married, and then again two years ago as a gift from my mother-in-law. On the last occasion, I had a gel manicure and loved the way it lasted – hated the way it ruined my nails. So when I heard about a new, long-lasting manicure that protects your nails, I really wanted to try it… Read more »

When I’m out and about shopping or whatever, this is the kind of outfit you’ll find me in. ¬†Call it my street style! Skinny jeans, a comfy jumper (in the winter), a pair of snazzy boots and a cool jacket. I just love the simplicity of it, and the fact that it can easily be dressed up or down with a statement necklace and a pair of heels ¬†– not that I’m wearing any in these pictures because I was… Read more »

If you’ve been following the blog lately, you’ll have noticed a few posts mentioning Filine Fashion so I thought it about time I introduced you to the actual shop and the woman behind it. Located at the east end of¬†Arma√ß√£o de P√™ra, Filine Fashion – the shop has been in existence for over 10 years and it’s owner, Fiona Morton is always on hand to offer help and advice for women looking for quality clothing at sensible prices. Originally, Fiona’s… Read more »

Buying shoes in the Algarve can sometimes be difficult – we don’t have a particularly great choice of shops to choose from, so, following on from my series on Arma√ß√£o de P√™ra, I’d like to introduce you to a lovely lady who has run her shoe shop in the town for 27 years. Dolores Fenton has lived in the Algarve since the 70s when she moved here and opened¬†a restaurant in Portim√£o called Green Hills, before moving to Senhora de… Read more »

Yesterday I was invited to photograph another mini Filine fashion show held at the Holiday Inn Algarve where the models were none other than some of the fabulous ladies staying at the hotel this winter. It was clear everyone had lots of fun modelling some of Filine’s festive fashions for the afternoon and I certainly enjoyed¬†being the designated photographer! Next week I’ll be featuring Filine’s shop in Arma√ß√£o de P√™ra so stay tuned ūüôā

Among our friends, Michael is known as the pizza king. His pizzas are simply divine and so, after much persuasion, he finally let me share his secrets with you… As I have a bit of a problem with wheat (I usually look about six months pregnant after eating it!), we found a delicious alternative a couple of years ago: spelt. In my opinion, it tastes¬†so much better than wheat and it is believed to be a healthier option too. So… Read more »

I’m absolutely delighted to have interviewed an insanely talented woman, Sue Warhaftig. I’ve never physically met Sue, but a couple of years ago we chatted online about her book, Meant To Be which she co-wrote with a friend (and, incidentally, I¬†thoroughly enjoyed. You can¬†read my review on Goodreads here.). Since then, Sue has gone on to become a very successful artist¬†too. So, without further ado…. Hi Sue! Please tell us a little bit about yourself? My name is Sue Warhaftig…. Read more »