I’m still on the look out for a waterproof / water repellant winter coat so I thought today I would check out what H&M has to offer. I must say I’m a bit disappointed not to have found exactly what I’m looking for this time around. There are some really lovely coats for general wear here though – worthy of further investigation, for sure. Last week I tried Massimo Dutti but didn’t quite find it. So what next? A friend… Read more »

Have you noticed that many characters in chick lit novels (some of mine included) often have an uber fabulous gay best friend? You know, the kind of guy who is always there when the protagonist needs to go shopping? Or needs a shoulder to cry on? Someone to say whether this polka dot H&M dress really does go with the white Converse and the denim Primark jacket? I think it does… but you never know! I’ve always a wanted a gay… Read more »

I used to visit thrift shops quite often with one of my best friends before she moved back to England. Lately though, not so much. It’s just not the same without her. She always seems to find real gems – like the most beautiful Rebecca Minkov dress that now hangs proudly in her wardrobe. She often emails me whenever she’s found something amazing in the same type of shops back in the UK (they are much better there than here) and I’m always… Read more »

I’ve just watched an old episode of What Not To Wear (the US version with Stacey and Clinton) and I’m actually a little bit peed off at the over-use of the term ‘age-appropriate style’. I hadn’t really given it much thought but yesterday I’d read a blog post about it and it’s obviously still on my mind. As I approach 40, I guess I am noticing that I’m being more careful about the clothes that I choose to buy. Whenever I… Read more »

I’m shopping for a new winter coat at the moment. Obviously I want something stylish but it must be waterproof – or at least water repellant. An upcoming visit to Wales makes that an absolute essential! I’ve been keeping an eye out over the past few weeks but haven’t started my ‘mission winter coat’ just yet, so I thought I’d start it online. My first port of call is Massimo Dutti where I’ve spotted at least one rainy day potential. I’m… Read more »

I love jewellery boxes. I love books. So it’s only natural that I would fall head over heels in love with the Little Book of Earrings* which is a totally cute alternative way of storing your earrings. Plus it can discreetly be slotted into your book collection for added security. I’ve got tonnes of earrings – too many really – that I’ve collected over the years and the vanity case I’ve been using to store them in is very impractical – and,… Read more »

My latest obsession is with the great and almighty Chucks. I just LOVE my Converse and cannot get enough of them. I love seeing people wearing them out on the streets, just so I can get new ideas, although thinking about it, Converse do go with pretty much anything, right?  I mean, there are women out there who wear them with their wedding gowns. Which is a pretty awesome idea! Did you know that Converse has been in existence since 1908? Cool, huh?… Read more »

I’m making a movie! Ok, so maybe I’m not the one doing all the hard work. That would be the main man, Pedro Frias. But between us we’ve written and filmed an entire movie and now Pedro is busy in the studio editing, then it’ll be over to the sound and everything else that happens once a movie has been shot. The Eye of Praxos is an independent movie in the Algarve. We met whilst working on a completely different… Read more »

This week I had the pleasure of hanging out with some of my closest friends. We’d decided to take a local train to the nearby town of Lagos… just for fun. Michael kindly drove Sarah and I to the train station in Portimao so we could meet our other pals, Christine and Denise, on the train en-route to Lagos (they picked it up ten minutes earlier in Silves). He was a little confused as to why we didn’t just drive there ourselves, after… Read more »

I’m so excited at the moment because last week I had my photo taken by Ela Models (they’ll be featured on the blog soon so keep an eye out) in order for me to be on their books. YAY! Secretly, I’ve always harboured desires to model but knew I wasn’t quite tall enough, my teeth weren’t perfect either and my weight has been a little up and down over the years. Now though, as I head towards my 40th birthday, I find that… Read more »