I’ve got a serious thing for stripes, especially this season when I appear to have bought a massive amount of stripey tops. Seriously, whenever I open my t-shirt drawer, the only thing staring back at me seems to be stripes. Maybe I need to tone it down a bit :/ Or not! The majority of these tops were bought in Quebramar, one of my new favourite stores (that I only just discovered earlier this year). It’s a fabulous shop clearly inspired by all things nautical. Even… Read more »

Over the last couple of years I seem to have won loads of stuff. Yeah I guess I’m quite a lucky person generally (I certainly lucked out meeting my hubby – I know, I’m such a soppy cow!) but what I say is, you’ve got to be in it to win it, right? Most of the things I’ve won are from entering giveaways on Twitter – if you didn’t know about these competitions then you’re losing out. Twitter is literally awash with… Read more »

Just a brief post today because I just HAD to tell you something… agave syrup, holy hell man, it’s friggin’ delicious! I wish I’d bought some before now. I’ve read about it a lot over the past couple of years. Particularly when I was doing a raw food diet (ugh… after four days of that shit, I’d had ENOUGH), agave syrup was a common addition to many ‘sweet’ dishes instead of sugar. But I never bought any – until now…. Read more »

Sometimes I wonder about what to write here on the blog. Are people bothered? Do they want to know who the real me is? Do they care? I mean, really? Who really cares about bloggers? The truth is, there’s shit loads of amazing bloggers out there who are getting millions of views per month and that’s amazing and yet there are some downright shitty blogs out there who are also getting millions of views per month (blah blah blah) but… Read more »

Ginger is one of those wonderfully delicious spices that is super healthy. In fact, I’d say it’s a superfood in itself. Hubby and I can’t get enough of it. According to Chinese reports ginger is a perfect tonic to help fight influenza while an Indian report shows that it can increase the immune system’s ability to fight infection. Ginger is full of goodness and helps with so many different ailments – nausea, loss of appetite, motion sickness, pain, inflammation. It also helps… Read more »

  Neo Victorian by suzyturner featuring Alexander McQueen I’m absolutely loving one of the top trends of A/W 2015. The goth look. Vogue calls it Neo-Victorian and it totally speaks to me. Probably because I’ve always been a bit of a closet goth. Black was always my go-to colour, and up until recently, I used to often go a little mad with the black eyeliner.  It was only as I started approaching 40 that my hubby casually mentioned one day that… Read more »

I’m sharing a very special space with you today. My ‘office’ is my own little bit of heaven in my back garden. It’s a cute little summerhouse built by my amazing husband last year. After he’d completed it (I helped with some of it…just a little bit), he also created the most stunning desk, fashioned out of old shuttering boards. He really is my very own superman! We then went about the interior decor. We knew we wanted the place to be inspired by… Read more »

I love getting style ideas from friends, especially those that are 40 plus and still rocking it. Two of my gorgeous pals came round for a bite to eat the other night and kindly let me photograph them with my brand new camera. (I’m slowly learning the ropes of photography… and hoping to get better!) I love having stylish friends. Here are some of the snaps I took. Jeanett has inspired me to try wearing a sleeveless blouse like a waistcoat. Hers came… Read more »

I’m not one to follow trends, I never have been. But if something happens to be in style that I like (and that suits me), then great. For instance, fringing is in at the moment, apparently and I happened across a really cute beige top with a fringe while out the other day. I was drawn to it immediately and just had to try it on. Although the faux suede fabric is a little warm in this balmy summer weather, it… Read more »

Okay, so sex is often a real taboo, especially when you’re talking about sex between couples who are… gasp… old enough to be, like grandparents or something (yeah, I was trying to sound like a teenager there). But it happens, truly. People in their seventies and eighties still have sex… if they’re healthy and up for it, of course. And what’s so wrong with that? They’re still human. They still have *needs*, right? I was hanging out with friends the… Read more »