I received this complimentary selection of Arbonne products from Rachel Montague-Ebbs at Arbonne in return for an honest, non-biased review on the blog… Health issues For at least the past five years or so, hubby and I have become more and more obsessed interested in a healthy lifestyle. It all started with my own health problems. I’d suffered with stomach and lower back issues for years and, having reached my mid-thirties, enough was enough. We finally decided to do something about… Read more »

tee-shirt slogans

Okay, so you’re probably wondering where the heck the wild horses come into this. Well, it’s simple – it’s merely the tee-shirt slogan on this top that I love. It’s pretty old – I reckon I’ve had it eight years or so but I still wear it to death every summer. Tee-shirt slogan My tee-shirt slogan reads, ‘Wanted: One Wild Horse’ and I just fell in love with it when I first spotted it. Lightweight and loose fitting, it’s perfect for when it’s really… Read more »

For a casual Sunday out, I chose to wear another of my favourite colours: grey. It’s one of those colours that flatters many a skin tone, especially as you get older. I’ve always loved to wear varying shades of the same colour in one outfit and this was such an outfit.   Various shades of grey The grey cargo pants were a pair I bought from H&M a year or so ago. Although they’re super comfortable they do tend to crease a… Read more »

Lately, I’ve really been inspired by the 1920s. Particularly the fashion and the music of that era. So when I spotted this gorgeous black and pink floral velvet jacket, I just couldn’t resist it. Not only did it remind me of the fabulous Miss Fisher (I could totally see her wearing it), but it was also in the sale for next to nothing. I think I paid about 10 euros for it! I mentioned it on Instagram the next day:… Read more »

After a dodgy week, last weekend we had a lovely day out enjoying the warmth of the sun on the Algarve’s west coast. The dodgy week was primarily due to me killing my MacBook Pro with beer. Okay, so it’s not entirely dead. It’s currently in hospital having the keyboard replaced – which is going to cost around 600 euros. Eek! That’s a mistake I won’t make again. Note, keep bottles of beer away from computer while reading recipes online :/ Not… Read more »

A night in Lisbon

Last weekend we spent a night in Lisbon. We’d been invited to a friend’s place for a birthday party which was great fun. It was also the perfect opportunity to practise my Portuguese, considering most party-goers weren’t English speaking. I know, I know what you’re thinking. I’ve lived here 31 years, why does she need to practise her Portuguese? The thing is, I rarely get to speak the language. Sounds completely insane, right? Most of our close friends are foreigners… Read more »

I’ve never really been a fan of culottes but when I spotted these denim culottes in Pull & Bear a couple of years ago, I figured I’d give them a try. They’ve featured once on the blog before (with a Harry Potter tee and Converse) but never with boots. I have to admit that it’s a look that’s taken me some time to come round to, to say the least. I will wear what I like In typical husband fashion, Michael… Read more »

Everyday outfit

  This is one of my favourite looks for day to day wear. Yes, it’s nothing more than a simple everyday outfit that I wear pretty much all the time. Skinny jeans, sneakers, tee-shirt, cardigan and a cross-body handbag. It’s comfortable and best of all: super easy to wear.   Everyday outfit: jeans You’ve seen everything I’m wearing on the blog before. The Levi’s have been featured numerous times before because they are undoubtedly my favourite pair of jeans –… Read more »

Buying a car in Portugal

Buying a car in Portugal can be a little tedious. It’s not the buying process that’s a problem, it’s finding the right car at the right price that’s so tedious. You see, second hand cars (and new ones, actually) are notoriously expensive here. You certainly have to be prepared to travel to get the right vehicle. Buying a car in Portugal Last week we took a day trip to Oporto to have a look at a second hand car. Oporto… Read more »

Fifty Shades of Khaki

I’m sure most readers will be fully aware of my obsession love for all things khaki (see here, here and here, for example). I just can’t get enough of it. When I find a colour I love, one of my favourite ways of wearing it, is to wear several different shades of it – hence the fifty shades of khaki 😉 Fifty shades of khaki If I’d owned a pair of khaki jeans, I would most definitely have worn them… Read more »