Yoga Music

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve finally started teaching yoga and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing that I’m helping people through yoga. Although my little yoga studio is teeny (it fits only two students and myself, comfortably), I’m also available for home visits (only in the western Algarve, that is!). Whether you’re eight, eighteen or eighty, yoga is amazingly beneficial for you, regardless of your weight, flexibility or general ability. It’s something I’d recommend for absolutely… Read more »

Hypnotherapy Algarve

Have you ever thought about having hypnotherapy but dismissed it because of some silly pre-conceived notion about being hypnotised with a pocket watch? Well, I can assure you it’s really nothing like that… not at all! I’d like to introduce you to someone who does the real thing – uses hypnotherapy to truly help people. Pedro Frias has been a friend of mine for the past five years, but it’s only within the past year or so that he’s finally found… Read more »

among the cork trees

We found this gorgeous spot among the cork trees last week whilst driving around Monchique. Completely calm, quiet and totally serene, hubby and I were immediately taken with it. Surrounded by cork trees, it would be the most perfect location for a house – pity we’ve already bought a plot elsewhere 😉 Cork trees Did you know that Portugal produces half of all harvested cork trees worldwide? Once they reach about 25 years old, they’re then stripped of cork every nine years. The trees live… Read more »

Feeling under the weather

I’m feeling under the weather at the moment because I’m suffering with a horrid head cold. Hubby very kindly gave it to me. It all started last weekend when these photos were taken. If you look close enough, you may notice my very puffy eyes (luckily Luna, above, was on hand to give me a cuddle). Okay I admit that on Saturday I really was feeling under the weather with a little bit of a hangover but the cold was well on… Read more »

40 style blogger

We popped into Massimo Dutti last weekend and I fell in love with this black suede jacket. We certainly weren’t planning to spend €199 but when I put it on, I just knew it was a ‘me jacket’ – so hubby bought it for me! Aren’t I a lucky girl? I realise black on black isn’t the best way to show the jacket off but it’ll be featuring on the blog a lot in future – no doubt about it. It’ll go with almost anything…. Read more »

A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I bought a few new pairs of Converse All Stars. The shop was closing down and they had a two-for-one offer. We couldn’t resist, so we bought two pairs each! I chose orange and yellow Converse as well as a golden pair. Like most people with a pulse (!), I’m a huge fan of Converse. I love how versatile they are. They look just as good with jeans or combats as they do with a… Read more »

Mum Jeans

Mum jeans or mom jeans (whatever you want to call them) – you either love ’em or you hate ’em. I love them. Hubby hates them. They can be very plain and very boring but if you jazz them up a bit, then they become way more fun, right?!   How to wear mum jeans Yes if you wear mum jeans with old white trainers and a frumpy top, they’re going to look downright blah, but roll up the hems and team… Read more »

Aphrodite's Closet

I’m so excited to announce that my latest chick lit novel, Aphrodite’s Closet, is finally available to download for Kindle (and kindle apps) from Amazon. The idea for Aphrodite’s Closet (and it’s fun title) came to me quite a few years ago and it’s slowly been coming to life in my head ever since. I knew I wanted to write about a sex shop in a light-hearted way and if I don’t say so myself, it is a really fun story,… Read more »

Chinos – the perfect trousers for dressing up or dressing down, don’t you think? The weather is slowly warming up here in the Algarve. Although, as I write this, it’s very grey and has been pouring with rain today. Two days ago though, I was out in the garden with my shorts on working on getting a little colour on my legs! Apparently there will be a little more rain over the next week or so but the summer is definitely… Read more »

A look that never dates

A look that never dates is the classic white tee, blue jeans and black blazer. It’s such a simple statement that’s been around for decades and I just love it. Back in the 90s, I remember flicking through teen fashion magazines and seeing supermodels wearing the classic white tee and black blazer, along with loose fitting blue jeans (they’d be pulled tight at the waist with a big belt if you remember?). Add to that bright red lipstick and lashings of black mascara and… Read more »