Painting 6

Remember I told you about my fabulous pal, Sarah? Well, last week she proved to be even more fabulous when she presented me with this early 40th birthday gift – its a painting of me! Yes, that’s me! And it’s brilliant. I couldn’t believe it when she presented me with it. I practically welled up. It’s the coolest gift ever and I adore it!
You’re probably wondering why I’m on a broomstick with a cat, well it’s because I’ve always been fascinated with all things witchy. I love movies and books about witchcraft (Practical Magic is probably my all time favourite) and clearly Sarah knows me so well. The cat? That’s Hermione and the likeness is spot on.
She even captured my eye makeup, blue hair (which isn’t blue anymore) the graininess of the full moon, oh and the red boots! She knows I’ve got a thing for boots and have been wanting a pair of Dorothy shoes for ages. It’s perfect!
I’ve never had someone paint me before and it’s totally awesome.  Don’t you just love it?

Painting 3

Painting 2

Painting 5


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