Royal Thai MassageThe Royal Thai Massage company very kindly offered me a massage last week, but me being the kind wife I am (!), I asked Michael if he fancied it instead. After all, he’s never had a professional massage before. He jumped at the chance. I think he was daydreaming about a wonderfully relaxing, gentle treatment. Little did he know what he was really in for….

He was given several treatments to choose from and, without doing any research, hubby chose the traditional Thai massage. I went along with him so I could take a few photos before leaving them to it. First, the lovely Thai lady gave him something to wear…

And then he laid on the massage bed and she began her work…

Royal Thai Massage

The Thai Massage is one of the most ancient healing arts and used as treatment and prevention of diseases. It is a curative therapy that works to balance the energy flow of the body, improving the health of body and mind.

Royal Thai Massage

I took a few more photos and then left them for nearly an hour to go and have a cup of tea. When I returned, I sat waiting in the reception area. On a couple of occasions, I actually heard him cry out! Perhaps not so much of the gentle massage he’d hoped for then! I couldn’t help but chuckle under my breath. And he thought I was being kind… he he he.

During a traditional Thai massage, the body isn’t just massaged like you might expect. Instead, the masseuse (or masseur) uses her own elbows, knees, thumbs and fists to work your body into a number of stretches. Unfortunately I didn’t stay around long enough to take photos of how the body is pulled upwards, etc but hubby explained how unexpected such moves were! At one point, he joked he thought he might split into two!

Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage

But seriously though, although the massage was a ‘tad’ more extreme than Michael had expected, (and he walked out of there in a bit of a daze), just a couple of hours later he felt great. Although a traditional Thai massage might seem a little torturous at the time, there are reasons for this. It is believed this type of massage helps remove toxins from the body, enhances energy flow, helps with pain relief, reduces stress and relieves headaches. Traditional Thai massage is not recommended if you’re pregnant, have cancer, have back injuries or are weak and infirm.

Royal Thai Massage does cater for everyone, offering a number of other options to choose from. If you do want to experience a traditional Thai massage however, you can just ask your masseuse to adjust the pressure to suit you.

Royal Thai Massage Gift Cards

Gift cards are available, so if you’re still wondering what to buy for someone for Christmas, how about a Royal Thai Massage gift card?

Other treatments available include:

– Anti-stress massage
– Classic full body oil massage
– Hot Herbal Ball Massage
– Hot Stone Massage
– Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage
– Foot Reflexology Massage

Royal Thai Massage have salons in Praia da Rocha and Lagos in Rua Tristão de Cunha – 48B. Visit their website or find them on Facebook. Book via email or phone them on +351 927 653 571.

Royal Thai Massage

And on a final note, in case you wondered what Michael looked like after the massage……….


Shelbee on the Edge

Not Dressed as Lamb