I love getting style ideas from friends, especially those that are 40 plus and still rocking it. Two of my gorgeous pals came round for a bite to eat the other night and kindly let me photograph them with my brand new camera. (I’m slowly learning the ropes of photography… and hoping to get better!) I love having stylish friends. Here are some of the snaps I took.


Jeanett has inspired me to try wearing a sleeveless blouse like a waistcoat. Hers came from H&M last season and looks fab. I love a little bit of animal print, don’t you? Jeanett always rocks the beige and cream colour scheme – one of her favourite colour combinations.
While Wendy just oozes class in her stunning pale lemon Massimo Dutti shirt teamed with white jeans and pretty sandals. Wendy is as obsessed about Massimo Dutti as I am! (I didn’t know that was possible).
Do you have gal pals you like to get  style inspiration from?