Pão do Rogil

Follow my blog with Bloglovin A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that hubby and I, along with some good friends, headed up to the west coast for the day. Our first stop was to the Cafe Pão do Rogil, a cafe bakery in the small town of Rogil. If you’re ever in that neck of the woods, I would highly recommend this place, especially if you like cakes!   Cafe Pão do Rogil specialises in traditional custard tarts (pasteis de nata… Read more »

Not only was yesterday a windy and chilly day, but I was also suffering from a horrible head cold (courtesy of hubby) but still we headed out and tried to get some decent pictures. As you can see, we mostly failed (!) but I wanted to show you my new loafers, fishnets and a cute embellished top anyway. Loafers The navy loafers were bought from Massimo Dutti in the January sales and they are very cool (if I don’t say… Read more »

Lagoa Graffiti Art

I love this outfit, mainly blue and a denim waistcoat with a pop of yellow. When I put it together, it made me smile. So when Michael walked in and said I looked ‘different’ I wasn’t quite sure how to take it. Especially as I was hormonal at the time! But whether or not he liked it, I wasn’t bothered because I liked it and that’s all that really matters, right? I think perhaps I’m feeling a little rebellious at… Read more »

Ferragudo is one of the Algarve’s gems. It’s a cute little town tucked situated across the water from Portimao and not far from Praia do Carvoeiro. With a multitude of typical Algarve houses and a number of local restaurants, it’s definitely somewhere worth visiting if you want to feel the real Algarve. I was there recently because it just happens to be where I go to get my hair cut and my nails done! While I was waiting to see… Read more »

It goes without saying that Odelouca is a beautiful spot for a photoshoot. I’m always on the look out for pretty locations to take outfit photos and last week (before I had my latest haircut!) Michael thought about Odelouca, a nearby reservoir. I’m glad he did. The weather was glorious and the location simply stunning, especially this time of year when the little white flowers start to bloom everywhere. Odelouca really is a lovely place to visit to wile away an hour… Read more »

Living in the Algarve, we are very fortunate to have some of the most beautiful beaches right on our doorstep – particularly the ones on the west coast where surfing is one of the top-rated things to do. Arrifana – a surfer’s paradise – is full of wet-suit clad guys and gals clambering to ride the waves and is the perfect spot to wile away a few hours.   Me? No, I’m not a surfer. I prefer my sea calm and… Read more »

When you talk about Armação de Pêra, most people will mention, ‘The Holiday Inn Algarve’ (or the Hotel Garbe as it was formerly known). It has a prime position at the western end of the up and coming fishing town and is situated right on the beach – which, incidentally, is one of the finest beaches in the region. Michael and I had the opportunity to stay there last week and it was great fun to stay overnight somewhere that wasn’t that… Read more »

Last weekend Michael and I were out & about in Armação de Pêra, a fishing town on the beautiful Algarve coast. Often referred to as a concrete jungle, Armação de Pêra is actually pretty special – if you’ll only give it a little time to visit. When I first moved to Portugal in 1986, my family and I used to spend many a fun evening hanging out with friends there. There was a great pub called The Bulldog, run by a fellow Yorkshireman,… Read more »

At 56-years-old, former fashion model Pia Cross still turns heads. If she’s not wearing make-up, Pia will simply don a fabulous pair of sunglasses, add a slick of lipstick and head out. “My hair is very important though and I do like it short but if it’s not right, I don’t feel 100%,” she says, adding that she’s particularly happy with her hair stylist, Luda from Victor Picardo in Praia do Carvoeiro, a small town in the Algarve, where Pia lives with her… Read more »

Sometimes I wonder about what to write here on the blog. Are people bothered? Do they want to know who the real me is? Do they care? I mean, really? Who really cares about bloggers? The truth is, there’s shit loads of amazing bloggers out there who are getting millions of views per month and that’s amazing and yet there are some downright shitty blogs out there who are also getting millions of views per month (blah blah blah) but… Read more »