Colourful, leafy print jumpsuit

It was about three years ago that I bought this colourful, leafy print jumpsuit from Bershka. With it’s fabulous leafy print, it’s still bang on trend. Not that I care about trends. I really don’t. I like to wear what suits me regardless of whether or not it’s hot at the moment. Don’t you? Speaking of hot, the weather was damn hot last week, which is when this jumpsuit comes out of the wardrobe. It’s such a lovely light cotton… Read more »

I LOVE mixing and matching colours and think it can really make an outfit come alive. Especially when those colours might be a little unexpected. Don’t be afraid of colour blocking. Red and peach, for example or even red and pink (which used to be a real no-no). Adding a couple of other colours for added effect can also make you look more confident and I love that. I think so many women are afraid to wear colour these days… Read more »

While Michael was cleaning his motorbike the other day, I figured it would be a fun backdrop  for an impromptu photoshoot (pretending to be a biker chick!). His sporty BMW is clearly his pride and joy, so I had to be careful though 😉  But, as you can see from his photography skills, his bike is also the only thing he wanted to focus us (no surprise there!) hence me being slightly blurred whenever the bike is in shot! Last week it still wasn’t quite warm enough… Read more »

This is the perfect location for a photo shoot. I’ve had my eye on it for years (basically I want to buy it and build a beautiful house there!). It’s just around the corner from where I live so I just knew I had to check it out… there’s an old ruin, with fabulous pillars, ‘twisted’ bricks, some really cool and creepy roots crawling all over the place and an old swimming pool (you’ll definitely see more of it in future posts). Hubby and I… Read more »

Last week I bought this gorgeous knit cardigan for a snip at Bershka. When I saw it was on offer for just €13.99, I quickly tried it on and fell in love with it (I have a tendency to do that). But when I got to the checkout, it went through the till for €19.99. I pointed out the mistake and was told it had been wrongly priced and should, in fact, be €19.99. The original price was €29.99 and had a… Read more »

One of this year’s most popular looks has undoubtedly been the jumpsuit. I’ve been seeing them everywhere and on women of all ages. The jumpsuit is definitely something that is flattering however young – or old – you are. I think it looks its best when paired with a fabulous pair of heels and a statement necklace (provided the jumpsuit is quite plain). I’ve tried on a few but always felt a bit ‘odd’ when the legs tapered in at… Read more »