casual night out

The past few weeks seem to have gone by in a bit of a blur… it’s been one casual night out after another with hubby’s brother and two nephews visiting. And because they haven’t been over for quite a few years, there was plenty of catching up to do! It was truly wonderful to see them again, and we couldn’t believe how much the boys men have grown. I felt like the tiniest person on the planet around them (the… Read more »

An old trend that is back ‘in’ this year¬†is a firm favourite of mine, and such a practical option: wearing leggings with skirts. Just like wearing dresses with jeans, it’s one of those looks that suits so many different shapes and sizes. Plus, it’s great if you a) haven’t got round to shaving your legs and/or b) have legs as white as snow (yup!). On this particular occasion, we were headed up the mountain and I knew it would be… Read more »

The trusty denim jacket. It’s one of my favourite wardrobe staples that I know I can always rely on. It can be worn with so many things and look cool. Long skirts, short skirts, midi skirts, combats, leggings, jeans, girlie dresses, posh dresses and so on. It literally can be worn with just about anything. Yesterday we popped out for a cup of tea (due to health reasons, I’ve drastically reduced my intake of coffee) to one of our favourite… Read more »

Life is easier when you dance – at least that’s what my t-shirt tells me anyway. Yes, this post is not about dancing, it’s about what I wore yesterday ūüėČ I do love things that sparkle and shine and so I couldn’t resist buying this t-shirt a couple of seasons ago. I think it came from Promod and I probably got it in the sale. And yes, I also bought it because it’s about dancing. I LOVE to dance and… Read more »

My latest obsession is¬†with the great and almighty Chucks. I just LOVE my Converse and cannot get enough of them. I love seeing people wearing them out on the streets, just so I can get¬†new ideas, although thinking about it, Converse¬†do go with pretty much anything, right? ¬†I mean, there are women out there who wear them with their wedding gowns. Which is a pretty awesome idea! Did you know that Converse has been in existence since 1908? Cool, huh?… Read more »