Those of you that are friends with with me on Facebook or Instagram will already know what happened to me last weekend. But for those that aren’t – my husband of 18 years proposed to me again! It was totally surreal and completely unexpected. It included him getting down on bended knee to ask me to marry him…for the second time. Not only that, but he also presented me with the most beautiful ring. Michael first proposed to me on… Read more »

Pastéis de Belém are famous throughout the globe, known for being possibly the tastiest custard tarts in the world. I know. I had the pleasure of sitting down in the well known eatery and sampling them recently. And yes, I did only have one… honest 😉 Michael and Doug, however, had a couple each 😀 Doug certainly enjoyed his… There’s not an awful lot to write about these little cups of deliciousness so I’ll let the pictures do the talking… The bakery,… Read more »

Last week I had the pleasure of devouring  tasting some of the world’s tastiest ice cream. Amorino, a franchise with ice cream ’boutiques’ all over the world also has a couple in Lisbon, where we spent a few days with close friends (Lisbon, not Amorino! Although that would have been nice). We’d visited Amorino a couple of years ago and were overjoyed to find a lactose-free alternative that tasted absolutely divine. And no, I’m not exaggerating. Their sorbets are out… Read more »

Last week, during our trip to Lisbon, we decided to take our friends to 28 Cafe, a popular eatery which is a replica of the famous 28 tram. Eating there reminded me of one of my favourite jazz songs by Stacey Kent, Breakfast on the Morning Tram. We weren’t there for breakfast though, we were after a hearty lunch! Three of us opted for salads, but our pal Doug chose Francesinhas – a typical Portuguese sandwich made with bread, ham, linguica… Read more »

While wandering the streets of Lisbon earlier this week, we spotted a sign that read, ‘The Sexiest WC on Earth’. We couldn’t possibly walk by without investigating, so we paid the 1 euro entrance fee and went to spend a penny (I guess that should’ve read went to spend a euro). The attendant on duty (basically she tended to the shop, because naturally there would be a shop, right?), told us we could choose whatever colour toilet paper we so… Read more »

We try to visit the Lisbon area at least once a year, often staying somewhere along the coast and we always have a great time. Last weekend, we had a short wander around the town of Cascais where we stayed at the Farol Boutique Hotel. We took a few photos as we went. The town is full of beautiful architecture, places of historical significance, coastal beauty and pretty streets. I’d definitely recommend it as a place to visit if you’re ever in or around the Lisbon area. Here… Read more »

I spent this weekend in Lisbon with George. Well, not literally. I wore George this weekend. George at Asda that is. A couple of pairs of jeans and a blazer to be exact (among other things of course). I’ve always been a fan of George at Asda so was excited to be among the bloggers invited to take part in their ‘weekend denim’ campaign.     The challenge was to wear denim all weekend – not a problem for me… Read more »