The trusty denim jacket. It’s one of my favourite wardrobe staples that I know I can always rely on. It can be worn with so many things and look cool. Long skirts, short skirts, midi skirts, combats, leggings, jeans, girlie dresses, posh dresses and so on. It literally can be worn with just about anything. Yesterday we popped out for a cup of tea (due to health reasons, I’ve drastically reduced my intake of coffee) to one of our favourite… Read more »

Street art in Portimao

There’s a road that I drive down sometimes which has the most beautiful example of street art on it. Situated between Portimão and Praia da Rocha (the old road) in the Algarve, there’s this long yellow wall and then just when the you reach the end, you think there’s an old Portuguese lady leaning out of the window looking at you. But it’s not real. It’s art. There’s no window, and no old lady. I think it’s absolutely incredible. I… Read more »