This song was on the TV whilst I was writing, hence the title… Easy Like Sunday Morning…. la de da… sorry….it’s stuck in my head now! We had some close friends stay with us over the weekend and we just had a really enjoyable chilled out couple of days. I cooked dinner on Friday night and hubby cooked Saturday night and then both nights we watched In The Heart of the Sea with Chris Hemsworth (the first half Friday and… Read more »

floral choker top

Pretty floral choker top When I spotted this pretty floral choker top in Pull & Bear, I simply couldn’t resist it. The in-built choker means there is absolutely no need for a necklace. I’ve always loved chokers – I think it’s because they remind me of another era. Is it the Victorian times, perhaps? I actually had a pretty bad couple of weeks, to be honest. It started off with me overdoing it on the computer (when I get excited… Read more »

off-the-shoulder, pink and floral girlie top

This off-the-shoulder, pink and floral girlie top isn’t something you’d normally find me wearing. However, in the past couple of years (since starting this lifestyle blog) I’ve learned when shopping that I should think outside the box and try things I wouldn’t normally try. Hence the off-the-shoulder, pink and floral girlie top! Pink and floral I must admit that when I first put it on, I felt great. Not only is it cute, but it’s also perfect for those days when… Read more »

Salsa Jeans

Last week, hubby and I popped into our local Salsa jeans shop for a browse. To be honest, we usually avoid it because it is quite pricey – at least 80 euros for a pair of jeans. But hubby was on a mission on the look out for a pair of grey jeans and he hadn’t found any in his usual hunting grounds so we figured we’d give it a look-see. We left having spent over 200 euros! We were surprised to discover that Salsa… Read more »

I’ve never really been a fan of culottes but when I spotted these denim culottes in Pull & Bear a couple of years ago, I figured I’d give them a try. They’ve featured once on the blog before (with a Harry Potter tee and Converse) but never with boots. I have to admit that it’s a look that’s taken me some time to come round to, to say the least. I will wear what I like In typical husband fashion, Michael… Read more »

I’ve talked before about how I sometimes like to dress to hide a bloated tummy but on this occasion I found an alternative way of going about it: making a bold statement with a black bodycon dress. But not just any black bodycon dress, how about one that brings all the attention to another part of the body? Here I opted for the cleavage! With such a low-cut dress, I guessed that people’s eyes wouldn’t be looking at my tummy lol 😉  … Read more »

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how difficult I find the hot Algarve summers and dressing for the heat really very tough. Honestly, I should be living in the north not in this kind of climate! But I’m here now and I have to cope with it. On a recent shopping trip, I spotted this cute little mustard yellow summer dress in Pull & Bear. I tried it on more for the colour than anything else (you might… Read more »

I’ve always loved the gypsy top but the ones I’ve tried on over the past few years have left me feeling a little uninspired until I found this one (in the sale earlier this year) from Pull & Bear. It literally cost me a few euros – a total bargain! I put it on for the first time the other evening and decided I didn’t like the sleeves so I chopped them off! I think it’s much better with a… Read more »

If you’ve been reading my blog recently, you might remember my post about finding your signature style. In that post, I focussed on a favourite look of mine: wearing dresses with jeans. I mentioned that I’d bought a couple more dresses to do just that. This floral number is one of the ones I bought. I love the deep V-neck, although I did opt for a camisole to wear underneath just to preserve my modesty! On this particular evening, we had… Read more »

Here is the perfect example of an impulse buy. I bought these gorgeous blue velvet shoes a couple of weeks ago in the sale for a bargain (and I mean a serious bargain – under 10 euros!) even though there is a problem with one of the ankle straps. Basically, it’s almost impossible to put the strap back through the buckle because it’s a little bit too thick at the end. But I didn’t care, I totally fell in love… Read more »