Blue linen shift dress

Blue linen shift dress ‚Äď a new favourite! I spotted this blue linen shift dress whilst browsing the sales in Quebramar recently and I couldn’t resist trying it on. I’m glad I did because it’s made me realise that shift dresses really do suit me (I never thought they did). But you know the real bonus? It was only 17 euros in the sale! Penina Hotel I’ve worn it a couple of times since buying it but pictured here was… Read more »

Green vest

There’s nothing quite like being beside the seaside, is there? Unless, perhaps it’s August, it’s mind-bogglingly hot and swarms of tourists can be found around every corner! But I’m not complaining, of course not ūüėČ We popped into Portimao yesterday to have a wander around and a refreshing glass of orange juice at Pastelaria Arade. Then we stopped for a little while to admire the boats. It really is wonderful down there. But oh so hot. So very hot. Because… Read more »

All white outfit

There are days when you just feel good, right? Days when things just come together exactly as they should. Days when your outfit just gives you a confidence boost. Well, this is how I felt last week when I put together this (mostly) all white outfit. An all white outfit (almost) I hadn’t intended to wear an all white outfit at all. I knew I wanted to wear my new Quebramar trousers but didn’t even consider a white vest top… Read more »

Denim skirt

Get ready folks… put your sunglasses on because I’ve got my legs out and they’ll blind you otherwise! For someone who lives in a warm climate, my legs are ridiculously white… almost translucent. But last weekend, I decided it was time to get them out, so I put my denim skirt on and went for a drive in the country with hubby. Odelouca In the hills and valleys of the beautiful area known as Odelouca, we found this gorgeous little… Read more »

Dressing for the bloat

I’ve talked before about how difficult it can be to dress for the intense summer heat, but on this occasion not only was I dressing for the heat, but I was also dressing for the bloat! I often suffer with a bloated tummy, and it can be so difficult¬†trying to find something comfortable enough that also hides a stomach that’s sticking out. Okay, perhaps I also suffer a little bit with paranoia (or body dysmorphia as Michael keeps telling me)…. Read more »

I’ve got a serious thing for stripes, especially this season when I appear¬†to have bought a massive amount¬†of stripey tops. Seriously, whenever I open my t-shirt¬†drawer, the only thing staring back at me seems to be stripes. Maybe I need to tone it down a bit :/ Or not! The majority¬†of these tops were bought in¬†Quebramar, one of my new favourite stores (that I only just discovered earlier this year). It’s a fabulous shop clearly¬†inspired by all things nautical. Even… Read more »