I used to visit thrift shops quite often with one of my best friends before she moved back to England. Lately though, not so much. It’s just not the same without her. She always seems to find real gems – like the most beautiful Rebecca Minkov dress that now hangs proudly in her wardrobe. She often emails me whenever she’s found something amazing in the same type of shops back in the UK (they are much better there than here) and I’m always… Read more »

I’ve got a serious thing for stripes, especially this season when I appear to have bought a massive amount of stripey tops. Seriously, whenever I open my t-shirt drawer, the only thing staring back at me seems to be stripes. Maybe I need to tone it down a bit :/ Or not! The majority of these tops were bought in Quebramar, one of my new favourite stores (that I only just discovered earlier this year). It’s a fabulous shop clearly inspired by all things nautical. Even… Read more »