CanadaPlanning a holiday is one of my favourite things. Not to mention the holiday itself, of course. Hubby and I recently booked our next USA holiday, and we are incredibly excited about it. Unlike many people that go away in the summer months, we stay here in Portugal throughout the warmer months and head overseas during the winter.

Planning our USA holiday

Living in the Algarve means that we get sun pretty much all year-round so we’re usually wanting to head somewhere cold….brrrrrrrrr. And our next holiday certainly fits that bill. It will be our third USA holiday, because we love it so much. Not only is there such a vast choice of places to go, but the people are always wonderful and that’s just one of my favourite things about it.

Our first visit took place at the very end of 2008 and we took in Las Vegas and New York. It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G – I loved every second. One day we’d like to head back to see how Vegas has changed. Our second USA holiday (three years ago) took place in Washington DC before we did a road trip down to Florida. Again, we loved every second but this time we wanted to try somewhere new.

So we’re headed to Boston where we’ll spend a few days before we pick up our hire car and start our road trip which will see us take in the sights of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York State, possibly some of Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Our final leg of the trip takes us back to New York city for a few days. Yes, we do realise we could get stuck in very cold, very snowy conditions but that’s part of the thrill, right?

Buying winter jackets

Last year, we decided to stay a little closer to home and so we visited Scotland for the first time. It was absolutely beautiful there, a little bit chilly of course and we did see a little snow – but nowhere near as much as we’d have liked. But because we thought it might be freezing cold, I bought this new winter jacket just before we went (see below).Buying jackets for USA holidayUnfortunately, after wearing it a couple of times, I felt cold all the time. So we went to Cambridge and found a much warmer alternative, one that was perfect in Scotland (see holiday snap, below). I’m looking forward to getting it out again for our USA holiday this year!

Mountain Equipment coat for USA holiday

However, this jacket isn’t great for evenings. I wanted something warm that I could wear over a woolly dress and tights for the odd occasion we might like to dress up a little. So, during a visit to Lisbon last week (I didn’t blog about it because I’ve written about Lisbon and Cascais before and we just wanted a camera-free break), I found the perfect coat. The only problem is it’s not waterproof – but then I don’t plan to be walking around in the rain anyway!

Beauty from Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti coat for USA holiday

I spotted this beauty from Massimo Dutti (I did not intend that to rhyme!) and knew it was The One. I absolutely love the deep, dark blue and the added faux fur collar just adds a little extra elegance. It’s duck down and feather interior so should keep me snug. I can’t wait to wear it! I’ll be wearing it on the blog soon, I’m sure 😉

I’m so excited about our upcoming holiday that I get butterflies in my tummy whenever I think about it lol. I’m like a little kid on Christmas Eve! But we’ve got several weeks to wait yet so I’ll just have to be patient for our USA holiday 🙂 What about you? Do you usually go away in the winter?


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4 thoughts on “Buying winter jackets and planning our next USA holiday

  1. Elizabeth Seckman

    We usually pick warm, sunny places for our vacations. I’ll be up in New York around Christmas time.
    Rhode Island is such a gorgeous state. So far, from all of our travels, it wins for prettiest state. The cliff walk in Newport was simply amazing. Mansion after mansion. I’d be jealous, but I’d get lost in that much space.

    1. Suzy Turner
      Suzy Turner

      Ooooh Elizabeth – you’ve given me even more to look forward to! I love seeing old houses and traditional architecture and the idea of there being lots and lots of mansions to swoon over certainly certainly is exciting! Thanks!
      Suzy xx

  2. Living on Cloud Nine

    Soooo excited for you guys! Wish you could swing by Indiana!! 😉 You are going to have such a grand time my beautiful friend!

    1. Suzy Turner

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