various shades of grey

For a casual Sunday out, I chose to wear another of my favourite colours: grey. It’s one of those colours that flatters many a skin tone, especially as you get older. I’ve always loved to wear varying shades of the same colour in one outfit and this was such an outfit.


Various shades of grey

The grey cargo pants were a pair I bought from H&M a year or so ago. Although they’re super comfortable they do tend to crease a little bit. I turn them up to give them a bit more character. To be honest, I’m not usually a fan of peg leg (tapered) trousers because they can make the hips look a little larger than they are. But perhaps the yoga has slimmed mine down a tad over the past year or so!


Also from H&M is this simple grey cardigan, which I just adore. It’s one of those styles of cardigans that you can wear with just about everything. You might remember it from my post about wearing whatever the heck I want 😉

various shades of grey

Bright pink is the perfect colour to wear with grey and I bought this vest from Primark just a few weeks ago – perfect for the weather now it’s starting to get a little warmer. I’ve got loads of these vests, one in pretty much every colour. Needless to say, they get a lot of wear! You’re probably getting a little bored of seeing these pumps – they’ve been on the blog a to lately because, like the vests and cardigan, they go with so many different things and I just love to wear them! But because I’m always wearing them, I’ve not bothered taking another photo of them lol!

various shades of grey

I went with simple accessories for this simple outfit. Owl earrings, my Pandora bracelet and a heart necklace that hubby bought for me the first time we were ever apart (he went back to England to buy a motorbike many years ago and we were apart for about a week). Naturally, I opted for my grey Marta Ponti handbag too! The photos were taken just off the motorway between Monchique and Portimao. Unfortunately, it’s private property so you can’t get too up close and personal to these fabulous old buildings. But it was a great spot for photos!


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  • katherine Hayward

    What a great look, Suzy! Love the whole look- Primark are great for some things. I bought a very nice cardigan ages ago from Mango- it’s beige/taupe, but goes with everything. Went back to get a pale grey one and they’d sold out of the cardigan in every colour! Thanks for the pink and grey tip- they do look wonderful together, more subtle than black and pink. Keep the posts coming!

    • Hi Katherine! Thanks so much for stopping and commenting. I’m happy you like the post (and the look). I love the idea of a taupe cardigan – bummer they’d sold out in all colours when you went back though.
      Hope you’re having a great week!
      Suzy xx

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Beautiful! I love the pop of pink! You guys find the most gorgeous photo ops! As a fan of owls, those earrings are simply precious as can be! Wishing you much love and hugs darling friend!

    • Thanks Andrea! I LOVE owls too… they’re the most exquisite creatures!
      Love and hugs right back to you too!
      Suzy xx

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    Gray is my favorite neutral, I own a whole lot of it and wear it often. Love the whole outfit on you…the bright pink is particularly flattering on you!

    • Mine too Debbie! And thank you for such lovely comments! I hope you’re having a wonderful Easter!
      Suzy xx

  • I love Grey, and think it’s very overated! This looks lovely with the Pink Suzy.
    Admiring your weather! I can’t wait to be in just a vest! Thank you for linking up to Celebrating Style xx

    • Meant to say underrated! 🙂

      • LOL I know what you mean, Laurie! The weather’s a bit more miserable today….although, it’s more like an English summer’s day!! 😉
        Suzy xx

  • I’ve only recently started experimenting with greys and I must admit I could kick myself for not trying them sooner! Beautiful photographs Suzy.
    Michelle xx

    • Thanks Michelle! Oh yes, I bet greys look fabulous on you!
      Suzy xx