A night in Lisbon

Last weekend we spent a night in Lisbon. We’d been invited to a friend’s place for a birthday party which was great fun. It was also the perfect opportunity to practise my Portuguese, considering most party-goers weren’t English speaking.

I know, I know what you’re thinking. I’ve lived here 31 years, why does she need to practise her Portuguese? The thing is, I rarely get to speak the language. Sounds completely insane, right? Most of our close friends are foreigners here. We do have Portuguese pals of course, but they usually want to natter away in English. So speaking Portuguese is usually only done in the supermarket, when we dine out or when dealing with bureaucratic issues (yawn). Having said that, I am pretty fluent – more so after a couple of glasses of wine 😉

A night in Lisbon

Saturday night was a blast, a couple of glasses of wine passed my lips, of course, and I was pretty exhausted by the end of it. But it was wonderful hanging out with a Portuguese crowd for a change. We’ve made some new pals as well, which is a bonus.

My outfit for the evening consisted of my lovely wool trousers, a pussy-bow (well, kind of) blouse, Kurt Geiger boots (similar ones here) and my gorgeous gold clutch from Massimo Dutti. I also had my Massimo Dutti ‘throw’ with me but it was pretty warm indoors so I didn’t really need it – and we didn’t get round to taking any photos of it either. The outfit photos are pretty dire considering we were in a bit of rush. They were also taken on Michael’s phone.

A night in Lisbon

We stayed at the five-star Intercontinental hotel and it was fabulous. Our room had one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept on, the bath was blissful and it was nice and quiet too. We’ll definitely return, should we get an equally good deal on booking.com that is lol. The breakfast was superb – such a wide variety of foods to choose from. And excellent service too.

A night in Lisbon

This is what I wore to travel to Lisbon (about two – two and a half hours from home), my favourite skinny Levi’s, Massimo Dutti sweater, boots and red scarf. But, like I said before, terrible pictures :/


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  1. Living on Cloud Nine

    Lisbon sounds fun!! And you look cute! Love your red pop and I wanted to tell you, I included you as one of my favorite looks today over at The Blended Blog. Come link up beautiful!!

    1. Suzy Turner

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