Accessory Insanity yoga leggings

When I got the chance to try out these gorgeous yoga leggings from Accessory Insanity, I was delighted. As you probably know, yoga has become a ritual of mine, one I do almost every day and if I miss it for any reason, I feel blah to say the least. Yoga wear, therefore, is something that is becoming increasingly important to me (what a surprise!) so I’m always up to try out something new. As I’m about to start teaching, the right yoga leggings will be crucial too.

Accessory Insanity

Accessory Insanity is one of those sites that you could easily while away a few hours. It’s full of great accessories (and yoga leggings, of course!) for any occasion. Here’s what they say…

Accessory Insanity is all about creating your own style and standing out in a crowd while feeling great and looking good! Inspired by a love for design, fashion and shopping, this independent online accessory store is driven by the desire to seek and share awesome fashion accessories that embody a distinct and exciting variety of the latest fashion trends. Sold online without a huge store rent, our prices can not be beat.

As Canada’s premiere retailer of Women’s Purses, Women Wallets and Fashion Accessories, we are dedicated to providing only the highest quality products, excellent customer service and originality. Each item you purchase from Accessory Insanity is backed by our unwavering complete satisfaction guarantee.


I must say I’m really impressed with the leggings. Not only is the design absolutely gorgeous (who doesn’t love mandalas?), but they’re very comfortable and appear to be particularly hard wearing. I wore them with a simple white vest and pink sports bra together with my pink Skechers – the perfect combo, right?

Going through a number of yoga asanas (postures), I never once felt like they were riding up (or down) and, even more importantly, fitted well in the crotch area (nobody wants the old camel toe problemo, do they?!).


Accessory Insanity were ultimately very professional and I received the leggings in the post pretty promptly considering they came all the way from Canada (one of my all time favourite countries). Needless to say, I’m very impressed and would certainly order from them in the future. I do hope you’ll check them out for yourself. I’m certain you won’t be disappointed!

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Namaste <3

Accessory Insanity yoga leggings

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