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The Blended Blog Asks… Fall Theme: I was absolutely delighted to be invited by Andrea (of Living on Cloud Nine) to take part in The Blended Blog’s fall theme this week. Andrea is one of the sweetest, loveliest bloggers you’ll ever find. I really do hope that I’ll get to meet her one day.

But on with the post about Fall, or as we call it this side of the Atlantic, Autumn (and in Portuguese Outono). It’s one of my favourite times of year because it means the hot weather is finally fading and cooler temperatures are upon us… not to mention Christmas! And Christmas for hubby and I means a fun holiday away YAY! Over the past ten years, we’ve visited Canada twice (once to Alberta and BC and another time to Ontario & Quebec), USA twice (the first time to Las Vegas and New York and the second to Washington DC followed by a road trip down to Florida), Wales and Scotland. Here are a few fun pics from across the pond…

We are currently booking our next trip, which I’m SUPER excited about but I’ll tell you about that soon 🙂
So, here we go…

  1. Favourite Fall sweet treat – When I lived in England (way back in the 80s when I was a just a little girl), we’d go and enjoy the town’s big bonfire night on November 5th and I have very fond memories of eating sticky toffee apples….mmmmm. But, living in Portugal there is no such thing unfortunately 🙁
  2. Red, Yellow or Green apples – Green, always green. I do like a proper crunchiness to my apple
  3. Favourite Fall sport to play – I’ve never been much of a sportsperson but now that the weather is getting cooler, I’d quite like to get back on my bicycle again!
  4. Best drink for Fall – If I’m anywhere near a Starbucks (Lisbon is our closest one at the moment), I’d have to say Pumpkin Spiced Latte (with soy / coconut  or almond milk)
  5. Favourite Fall activity – Snuggling up to hubby on the sofa with a warm throw across us as we watch TV
  6. Must have Fall purchase – a few new throws for the sofa (see 5)
  7. Pumpkins: Pick your own or store bought – Sadly, there isn’t really much of a market for pumpkins here in Portugal. But if I had the choice, it’d be fun to pick our own.
  8. Real or Fake pumpkins – Real, absolutely!
  9. Favourite Halloween costume – A witch… I make a good witch 😉
    Witch costumeOr perhaps a vampire?
    Vampire costume
  10. College Football or NFL – To be honest, I have no idea what the difference really is lol. Sorry Andrea!!
  11. Fall or Halloween decor – Again, the Portuguese aren’t big on decorating their houses for Fall or Halloween. But if I could (in other words, if hubby wasn’t a party pooper), I’d go all out Halloween.
  12. Raking leaves or no leaves to rake – Raking leaves (and acorns). We’ve got a tree that drops everything right next to the pool and on my little yoga studio!
  13. Favourite soup – Oh I have so many! I LOVE soup, I could eat it every single day. But one favourite? Hm… cream of leek soup, perhaps?
  14. Favourite Fall candle scent – Pumpkin Spice lol
  15. Love or hate pumpkin space – see above
  16. Short booties or tall booties – short booties to start with but as it gets cooler, my knee high boots will start to make an appearance….
  17. Favourite Halloween candy – Never tried any but I love candy… all candy 😉
  18. PSK (Pumpkin Space Latte) Yes or No – See 4, 14 & 15
  19. Hayride or corn maze – Huh? I’ve no idea what these are. I clearly seriously need to go to America in the Fall lol
  20. Favourite Fall TV show – I’m currently binge-watching The Good Wife so I’ll go with that 🙂

To see more of The Blended Blog’s fun Fall themed questions, head on over to The Blended Blog or go via Andrea’s Blog. I know she’d love to see you!



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  • You do make a good witch, and vampire! I love your enthusiasm about autumn and Christmas.

    • LOL Thanks Gail! I guess I’m just a big kid at this time of year! Have a great week
      Suzy xx

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    CUTEST Vampire EVER!!! I am so happy you did get over and link it up!! LOVED your answers…especially to favorite activity..snuggling with the Mr… sweet! Thank you for your kind words you precious are darling!!

    • Thanks Andrea! I think it’s such fun to dress up – I’m trying to convince hubby to have a Halloween party this year but he’s being a bit of a party pooper lol!
      Have an awesome week, my friend
      Suzy xx

  • Mother of 3

    Such fun to see what fall like is like in another country!

    • I’m envious of the fall in America though! Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      Suzy x

  • It would be impossible to pick a favorite soup. And we do have it everyday for lunch. This week is cauliflower/spinach!!
    Thanks for joining in the Ageless Style Link Up

    • Oooh yummy, Jodie!! I LOVE spinach and cauliflower… sounds delicious!
      Suzy xx

  • pioneerpat1

    This is going to sound funny but here is the SF Bay Area, the months of Sept-Oct are the usually the best weather months of the year for us. We don’t have the traditional fall like other parts of the country. We have summer like conditions and then boom it gets cold and starts raining.

    • That’s a shame – the fall sounds like such a lovely time of the year over there in the States!
      Suzy x

  • Looks like you’ve done some awesome travelling! Thanks for linking up

  • Enjoyed reading this Suzy. And some lovely style shots added here. I’m crushing on that belted cardigan! xx

    • Thanks Laurie! I was exactly the same about that cardigan too. I bought it in the sales at Massimo Dutti a few years ago and I live in it in the winter months, it’s so warm!!
      Suzy xx